You probably shouldn’t be starting a Broncos running back today because it’s a position clouded with far too much uncertainty following the injury to Willis McGahee. And about an hour before game time in Kansas City, that confusion cloud became a little darker.

After a time share between Ronnie Hillman and Lance Ball seemed like a safe assumption for much of the week, John Fox will be starting Knowshon Moreno in his backfield. That’s the same Knowshon Moreno who’s been inactive for much of the season, and has only 15 yards on eight carries. Yep.

This could be Moreno’s last chance to resurrect his career against a weak Chiefs defense, so if you believe in such unquantifiable qualities like psychology and motivation, then make a very, very last-minute pickup and slot Moreno in as a flex play. Realistically, though, this will become the proverbial three-headed monstrosity, and Hillman still has the most upside with his ability as a pass catcher out of the backfield.

The best move is to stay the hell away from this situation entirely until next week when some clarity hopefully emerges.