No distance left to run

It appears we’ve come to the end.

The sight of Chan Gailey and Ryan Fitzpatrick makes me ill. I miss Brian Moorman. Where’s C.J? Stevie Johnson deserves better. The defense showed up. Our head coach is terrible.

I feel like I’ve written those things before. The thing about supporting this team, this bunch of hard-working, blue collar guys (Rich Gannon is a fucking horrible announcer), is expectations. I lied to myself again, for the millionth time. They’ll beat a shoddy Indianapolis team. They’ll come home and destroy Chad Henne and the Jacksonville Jaguars. I looked in the face of reality and paid no mind. For that I can only blame myself.

C.J Spiller needs to get out of this town. That, or Chan Gailey needs to be fired tomorrow for misusing the best running back in the NFL. Averaging 6.6 yards per carry, the third best rate through ten games in NFL history, Spiller didn’t get a carry in the final 13 minutes of the game. This team has become a parody of Varsity Blues, Major League and The Office. Where the subordinates are up to the task only to be held back by a brutally inept boss. Chan Gailey’s lack of play calling prowess is excruciating to watch. When that drunken asshole at the bar yells “I COULD DO BETTER!” at the television he’s actually right. He could. You could. I could.

What makes this even worse is the effort put in by 95% of the Bills. Mario Williams and Marcell Dareus were fantastic. Andrew Luck was off for most of the game, missing several throws only to be bailed out by a typically outstanding game from Reggie Wayne. Stephon Gilmore will learn from this, but the pass interference call that iced the game was justified. On one of his few opportunities, Spiller busted through to the defensive line for 23 yards, using a a huge Donald Jones block to aid his run. Stevie Johnson made the hustle play of the season, forcing Tom Zbikowski to fumble after the Colts DB picked off a brutal throw from Fitzpatrick.

This is where it begins and ends. Gailey and Fitzpatrick. The amount of Bills offensive possessions that didn’t feature a run by Spiller was criminal. They didn’t even have the guy on the damn field. 33 passes to 14 carries. 14 carries for 107 yards, an average of 7.6 yards. The guy at the bar, covered in Miller lite, isn’t that stupid. With a minute left in the half and sitting at their own five, Gailey opted to pass three times. The Colts had two timeouts left. Indy would hit a FG before time ran out. It was the 600th time Gailey was outsmarted this season.

Fitzpatrick was brutal. 17 of 33 for 180 yards and a touchdown isn’t good enough. Which makes Gailey’s decision to rely on Fitz’s enfeebled arm all the more mind boggling.

When Gailey is eventually fired — I assume Ralph, Russ Brandon and Buddy Nix aren’t completely delusional — losses like this will blend together. This was a classic Gailey/Fitzpatrick shit show. The horrible game management. Terrible play calling. Awful throws that nearly led a receiver to their death. It was all there.

People ask me why I’m such a big NFL Draft nut. The explanation is embarrassingly sad. At around week 10 every season we’re eliminated from playoff contention. It’s at that point when I start reading up on the next savior for this godforsaken team. Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Vishnu — it doesn’t matter. I’ll buy in.

Eventually, my insidious devotion to the Bills will end when they move to Los Angeles and proverbially spit in my face for being dumb enough to support them. It’s only human. When I watch the Argos attempt to win a championship — there’s only eight teams!?!?!, I know — I’ll forget about these clowns for a couple hours.

And then Monday will come.

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  1. Gailey’s play calling is a disaster. On several occasions, Fitzpatrick’s incomplete passes on first and second downs were followed by hand offs to Spiller or Jackson. How is there any sense in that sequence?

    On a similar note, did anyone count the number of wide open receivers Fitzpatrick missed today? I lost track.

  2. Vishnu is an interesting though… I was leaning towards the flying spaghettti monster until I was told he has a noodle arm.

  3. Watching Bills football makes me want to masterbate. Right in Gailey’s eye

  4. Being a Spiller owner. Akin to Chinese water torture.

  5. This place needs a Bills blog. Great read.

  6. Amico: I’ve been a Bills fan since the day the Y-E-T-S, Yets, Yets, Yets enraged me by pissing on my season ticket at Shea Stadium (one of the worst seats in the house) and moved to Moonachie, New Jersey. I’ve remained a Bills fan since the move, went to SB 25 and wanted to drink myself into oblivion (I’m no Marv Levy fan–talk about wasted talent). The last several years have been mind-numbing … we get one loser to coach this team after another … probably because nobody wants the job, except we passed on Perry Fewell and he has a ring. Dave W? Really? I doubt he’s ever heard of a blitz … and when he managed to spit one out yesterday, Super Mario sacked Luck. Imagine that … gambling once in a while. Play calling on both sides of the ball has been atrocious … the punt return that was the difference in the score, I guess we can count on those every week now too … it’s a sham and a disgrace … equally as bad as four SB losses in a row (appearances mean squat to me) … but until the fans ignore them at the stadium, or probably more likely (as you pointed out), Wilson either passes or sells them or they move to LA or become the North American Canadian Dog Sledding team in a friggin’ dome (because why not give up home field advantage while we’re being morons?), we’re doomed. I was suckered too yesterday … we have more than enough talent to win … but we’re burdened with an impossibly poor coaching staff. When they move, I have to consider removing the tattoo … or make belief it’s a sled dog …

  7. Not even I can write with this morose a tone. Grats, Devang.

  8. For the first time ever, I have no faith in this team. I’m totally disgusted and depressed with this franchise. As usual though, awesome article.

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