To the Charlie Batch supporters group out there — I’m sure you exist — I apologize. We have some bad news.

Via PFT:

“Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported Sunday morning that doctors think there’s no longer a risk of further injury because of the dislocated rib he suffered against the Chiefs in Week 10. There was a fear that the rib could pose a threat to arteries and blood vessels if Roethlisberger returned too soon from the injury. Per Mortensen’s report, he’s out of the woods on that front and ready to start working toward a return to game action.”

Big Ben’s return is contingent on his ability to tolerate pain in the coming week, but it’s safe to assume Mike Tomlin & Co. have a vested interest in Roethlisberger starting against Baltimore next Sunday. With playoff hopes on the line it’s Big Ben or bust for the black and gold.