During a week when Americans expressed their gratitude for the many blessings they have in their lives, we can count one more. Someone high above ensured that no player or official was within groin-punishing distance of the sprinklers at Sun Life Stadium when they randomly turned on near the end of the third quarter of this afternoon’s Seahawks-Dolphins game.

After my former life as a diligent zero shit giving student professional greens keeper at a golf course, I can testify from personal experience that you don’t want to be in the wrong spot when these suckers first fire up. As Will Brinson and everyone else everywhere observed, someone is taking those Buffalo Wild Wings commercials far too seriously.

REALLY IMPORTANT UPDATE: And now we have video

Pic via Timothy Burke

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  1. do you really need the (crossed out) foul language? show some class, don’t be crass.

    • From time to time, I enjoy being a little light-hearted and fun around here. So — from time to time — the odd curse bomb slips. It’s not for everybody, and that’s fine. But generally, I trust that adults can handle the use of the odd naughty word.

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