Far too often, reality hinders fantasy, a statement which can easily be applied generically to far too many situations. Example: even if she was available, you’re not about to land, say, Miranda Kerr. Not because you’re not charming or good looking or witty. No, there’s a more pragmatic and even mathematical approach here: simple supply/demand theory. The universe only has a select few elite supermodels to hand out, and the randomness of it all leads to a low ranking for you and I, the everyman.

See, all that’s holding us back is the numbers game. That’s it.

As far as football is concerned, every week we’re reminded of ways that reality football limits success in fantasy football. Right now, the most prominent example lies in Philadelphia, where there’s an increasingly strong possibility that even once/if Michael Vick is healthy, willing, and able, as the losses mount it wouldn’t exactly be shocking to see Andy Reid keep his regular starter benched while he continues to roll with the Nick Foles experiment, and give the rookie experience.

For reality purposes, that would make a lot of sense. The Eagles’ season is lost, and at this point their head coach is just thankful to still have a job every Monday. So their remaining five games become both a continuation of many experiments — Foles included — and auditions for 2013 in many more places. If Vick isn’t the long-term answer at quarterback, then is Foles? And if he isn’t, who is? Those two questions need to be answered, and the only way to answer them with any confidence is to start Foles.

Admittedly, I’m just tossing out speculation that’s steeped in reason and logic here, and I’m doing it because this is a scenario that anyone who owns anyone on the Eagles’ offense needs to consider. And heavily, especially after Vick was officially ruled out for this week already today after there was some thought he’d have a chance to be declared healthy. While Vick sitting and Foles starting may make great sense for an Eagles franchise decimated by injuries and ineptitude, it could quickly ruin the few remaining fantasy options still standing in Philly.

Yes, Bryce Brown was stupid good while replacing LeSean McCoy this past Monday night. But it’s important to remember some context: he was slicing apart a weak Panthers run defense, and now with McCoy still out this week and maybe next week too, Brown will oppose the much stronger front sevens fielded by the Cowboys and Buccaneers, ranked 13th and 1st respectively against the run. That alone is bad enough, but he’s also being supported by a quarterback who’s averaging only 5.5 yards per pass attempt over his three game appearances (two starts), and 180.7 passing yards per game overall. That means a rookie running back making his second start is the Eagles’ primary playmaker, and now also the sole focus of the defense with DeSean Jackson out. Yeah, good luck, kid.

Then there’s Jeremy Maclin and Brent Celek, the only two passing options who are remotely startable. Maclin was an ideal WR3 at the beginning of the season, and he’s now sunk to being only a reaching flex play, with only 55 receiving yards over Foles’ two starts on just 10 targets. Celek, meanwhile, is averaging only 8.7 yards per reception over the last two weeks, a number that was as high as 19.7 during his hot stretch over Philadelphia’s first four games.

Brown or McCoy once he’s healthy are the only starters on this offense who can be slotted in with even a shred of confidence as Foles continues to go through his aching growing pains while playing behind an offensive line decimated by injuries. And for anyone else not named Brown or McCoy, 2012 will be a wasted season.

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