"Titus Young is the best!" -- Ryan Broyles owners

There’s a certain process to an NFL offensive play appearing on a field in a meaningful game. The offensive coordinator reviews tape on the upcoming opponent, and then he draws up said play. Then it’s practiced repeatedly throughout the week, with the kinks thoroughly ironed.

While that process is intricate, it’s also simple. Develop the play, practice the play, implement the play, rinse and repeat. It requires the time, effort, and energy of a lot of people on a lot of levels. So when a player purposely sabotages that process during a crucial juncture of a game, he’s scum. Slimy, green, disgusting scum.

Lady and gents, I give you Titus Young.

You know Young as the talented, yet troubled Detroit Lions receiver. Those two adjectives can be attached to many Lions players, but at least most of them have the decency to just do drugs and stuff, and on the field some degree of decorum remains when they’re not stomping on opponents.

Young, though, is the union leader of the idiots. He chairs their meetings, evaluates all idiot actions, and provides his stamp of approval.

During the Lions’ Week 11 loss to Green Bay, Young was benched after lining up in the wrong spot and then being the center of some sort of sideline argument, an argument that eventually led to his one-game team suspension in Week 12. Like a row of beautifully-placed dominoes, that in turn led to Ryan Broyles’ breakout game on Thanksgiving Day against the Texans that made him a highly pursued commodity on some waiver wires this week. Broyles had 126 receiving yards on six catches — an average of 21 yards per reception — and he’s now poised to be at the very least a solid WR3 and some weeks even a WR2 in many lineups after overtaking Young on the depth chart.

But if you needed more reassurance that Broyles will indeed remain the Lions’ second receiving option over Young — you know, aside from Young practicing with the second-team offense — here’s a nice little diddy. According to Dave Birkett yesterday in the Detroit Free Press, Young didn’t line up in the wrong spot multiple times because he’s an idiot. No, he did it out of protest, purposely sabotaging the Lions’ offense during a vital division game because he wasn’t getting enough targets.

From Birkett:

In a loss to the Green Bay Packers two weeks ago, he purposely lined up in the wrong spot on the field multiple times and mouthed off to receivers coach Shawn Jefferson on the sideline before being removed for the game’s final series.

Class just oozes from his pours.

Young will most likely be behind even Mike Thomas on the Lions’ WR depth chart this week. Despite his brilliance when his head is pointed in the right direction (hey, remember when he had 181 receiving yards over weeks 7 and 8 when Nate Burleson first went down?), he now poses no threat whatsoever to Broyles, who should be started every week if you own him.

Speaking of which, Broyles’ availability remains remarkable and sometimes comical. Even after waiver claims were processed early Tuesday morning,  he’s still out there in 96 percent of ESPN leagues, and 69 percent of Yahoo leagues.