Normally, Mohamed Sanu wouldn’t quite be worthy of his very own piece of blog real estate around these here parts (sorry, Mohamed). But these aren’t normal times. That angst and apprehension that I refer to weekly and almost daily is at its peak, with the scrutiny of every roster decision amplified. For many leagues, Week 13 is the end of the fantasy regular season, making this week clearly vital, as its your last opportunity for a playoff push, and to avoid months of ridicule.

So yeah, Mohamed Sanu matters. Which is a problem, because he’s about to really not matter again. Confused? Me too. But there’s a simple explanation.

You see, mattering is difficult when you’re not practicing, and quite possibly not playing. And when a player of any kind suffers a mid-week injury in practice as Sanu did yesterday, your next move should be easy. Bench this man.

Sanu injured his foot yesterday, and the Bengals receiver didn’t practice today either. Simply put, this sucks, because although his targets and therefore his receptions have still been sporadic with A.J. Green and Jermaine Gresham the primary options in Cincinnati’s offense, Sanu was getting consistent red-zone looks over the past three weeks due to his athleticism and leaping ability. Despite his longest receptions in those games being only 15, 14, and 11 yards, and the fact that he’s averaged a paltry 32.7 yards per game, he still had four touchdowns during that stretch. The math on that leads to some great flex production, with Sanu averaging 10 fantasy points per game since Week 10.

That’s what he was, and that’s what he was set to be this weekend. He’s the ideal flex play for the deep leaguer, and he would have received consideration for that spot in 12-team leagues, while surely being flexed in leagues with 14 or more teams. Now barring some pleasant news before Sunday morning you can’t touch him, and that makes us sad.

If you’re desperate for a deep-league flex option, go grab Andrew Hawkins, who Sanu had passed on Cincy’s WR depth chart. He returned to practice this week after recovering from a knee injury, and ealier this year he was a frequent target on short routes. Hawkins had 86 yards on eight catches in Week 1, and he had back-to-back games with +50 yard catches in Weeks 2 and 3.

UPDATE: And now it gets worse. Sanu suffered a stress fracture, and he’s set for surgery on Monday. His season is over.