After being occupied with all the injury news you could possibly desire to prompt Roger Sterling style mid-day drinking earlier (“we drink because it’s WHAT MEN DO“), we return to our regularly-scheduled programming: the lamenting of a fantasy massacre.

Consider the three stray/somewhat connected rants and observations below to be a sort of therapy, because we’re all hurting so very deeply after last night. It’s mostly for me after the decline of Jimmy Graham was compartmentalized this morning, but also for you. We run a service here, you know, so feel free to voice your own tale of defeat and woe after the three points (*puts head through desk*) you received from the third highest scoring player in fantasy. That player’s name is, of course, Drew Brees, who’s averaging 18 points per game, and last night was his first game this year below 15 points.

And it came one week before the fantasy playoffs start in many leagues. Oh happy day.

More on Brees in a minute, because Matt Ryan was a jerk too.

Matt Ryan is still at best a middle tier fantasy quarterback

Are there people who view Matt Ryan as being even close to a top fantasy option at his position? If so, please stop. He completed only 54.5 percent of his passes last night against an improved secondary, but still a secondary that’s ranked 29th. It was his lowest completion percentage of the season during a year when he’s completed 67.5 percent of his passes overall.

He had only 10 fantasy points, he’s only two weeks removed from a game when he posted only two points, and overall he’s averaging a very average 15 points per week. While there’s been peaks with Ryan (31 points in Week 1), the valleys (he also had just eight points in Week 6) balance out to make Ryan a quarterback who’s providing poor value. Andy Dalton, for example, is averaging 20 points, and he was typically drafted in the 12th round back in August at about 124th overall in ESPN leagues. Meanwhile, Ryan was drafted 51st overall on average.

Value, kids, it’s still important. Stop drafting middle-tier quarterbacks too early.

The Ryan effect

Ryan’s struggles led to this: Julio Jones and Roddy White combined for just 68 receiving yards — which equals six fantasy points — and their lowest combined yardage total this year prior to last night was 122 yards. That’s a steep departure during what should have been an explosive and inviting matchup, especially for a duo currently ranked eighth and 10th respectively in fantasy scoring at their position, averaging 20.3 points per game.

Thanks for the clutch performance, Drew

Brees threw five interceptions last night, which is a very known and very lamented fact by now. But here’s where his poor decision making becomes even more glaring: he had thrown five picks over the Saints’ previous six games, which is a much more Brees-like pace, and throwing those interceptions required 206 pass attempts. Last night he needed only 50 attempts to throw the same amount in one game.