DeMarco Murray is talented. DeMarco Murray is injury prone. DeMarco Murray is loved. DeMarco Murray is hated.

DeMarco Murray is confusing.

Murray owners have been twisted into a state of rage throughout the season, especially those who whiffed on Felix Jones on the waiver wire. He’s missed the Cowboys’ last six games with a foot problem that at first was referred to as a two-week injury. Now we know that was a dirty lie.

But hope is on its way. Maybe.

Murray has practiced all week, albeit on a limited basis. He’s most likely playing Sunday against the Eagles, although the veracity of that statement rests largely with which Cowboys mouthpiece you’d like to believe. Even though he was encouraged by Murray’s progress, head coach Jason Garrett stopped well short of any guarantee, saying this morning that Murray’s situation is still a “day-to-day thing“.

And that tells us absolutely nothing, so thanks. But Jerry Jones has an opinion, because Jerry Jones always has an opinion. He expects Murray to play. Alright sweet, so slot him in now, right? No, back away. The problem, you see, is that Jones doesn’t decide if Murray is actually playing, or at least that’s what we’ve been led to believe. In truth he has his hand firmly in the grips of the Garrett puppet, but that’s a mental image we don’t need right now.

So what exactly should you do with Murray? Very little.

Look, he’s most likely playing, and he’ll post decent numbers against the Eagles and their defense that could probably be beaten handily by a pug after he finishes eating peanut butter. But he’ll be limited, with the Cowboys quite understandably unwilling to risk further damage to their running back who has bone resistance that’s equivalent to one-ply toilet paper.

Right now, I’d consider Murray a flex play, and potentially a very good one. If he gets 50 or 60 yards in a split with Felix Jones, that’s a decent little five- or six-point day from your flex spot, with the possibility of a touchdown. But if you’re in a position where you’re considering Murray as a starter in one of your RB spots, well, that’s a bad position.