I’m sorry guys. I did this.

Remember that week when Ryan Broyles was among the great value fantasy players at his position, and I wrote as many love letters to him as I did, say, Knowshon Moreno and Colin Kaepernick? Yeah, that was this week after Broyles busted out for 126 receiving yards and on six catches and 12 targets on Thanksgiving Day, and he looked prepared to win a few fantasy championships down the stretch. Optimism for that outcome rose even higher when Titus Young’s continued douche act landed him on the inactive list again today, solidifying Broyles’ status as Matthew Stafford’s No.2 target opposite Calvin Johnson.

Now what have we learned? We still can’t have nice things.

It took less than a quarter for Broyles to potentially shatter those hopes and dreams today, as he left with a knee injury and was taken to the locker room today during Detroit’s game against Indianapolis after seeing the field on just one play. Now, I’m admittedly being overly sensitive here, because as a Broyles owner the cruel hands of the fantasy gods have dealt me far too many blows this year (still hate you, DeMarco Murray). Broyles is questionable to return, and there’s actually a decent chance I’ll be able to update this post with good news, as he walked to the locker room without any help. Also, it’s encouraging that the injured knee isn’t the same one that kept him out earlier this season after he tore his ACL during his final year at Oklahoma.

Combine this with Jordy Nelson’s early exit in Green Bay with a hamstring injury (he’s also questionable to return, which could be fun news for those who took a risk on Greg Jennings), and we have to feel and embrace the burn. This sucks.