Know this as you’re making those last minute roster tweaks: Greg Jennings definitely won’t be Greg Jennings.

You’ve known that all week, or at least you should have. Jennings is playing for the first time since Week 5, but he should be viewed with the same levels of joy and caution that will greet DeMarco Murray tonight. Sure, it’s swell that he’s back, and it’s nice and fun to finally be able to start a player who cost you a second-round pick. But that doesn’t mean you should actually start him.

Physically, Jennings said all week that he feels fine, and he is indeed active today. But we’ve also heard all week that his usage will be determined by the flow of the Packers’ game today against the Vikings, and again that was repeated this morning by head coach Mike McCarthy, only this time he used words that sound even worse.

McCarthy said Jennings will be a “situational player.” You can interpret that however you wish, but I’d read it as his usage being limited to certain formations in specific downs and distances.

So sure, he could still produce, but his opportunities will be limited and sporadic. If you can, bench him for one more week and trot out James Jones, whom you also likely own if you’re a Jennings owner. If you can’t do that, don’t start Jennings as anything more than a flex play, because he’s in a very boom/bust situation.