Many basic human activities are difficult in a pounding monsoon. Like, say, walking, or seeing anything. So from that we can deduce that the difficulty of football activities is also multiplied. Want to throw down field? Ha, good luck running around those small ponds while the pocket collapses and holding on to that slippery ball, and then catching said ball.

I just described the conditions for today’s Browns-Raiders game in Oakland. That is, if the game was being played at about 10 a.m. local time, which it isn’t. And if the game was kicking off during the height of an overall brutal day of weather on the left coast, which it isn’t. React to the weather reports you’re seeing right now plastered all over your Twitter timelines, but don’t overreact.

The players in question with such extreme weather are, of course, primarily the quarterbacks and wide receivers. You weren’t starting Brandon Weeden anyway unless you’re in a two QB league, but Carson Palmer is a fine play for the deep-ish leaguer. And Denarius Moore and Josh Gordon are solid plays in various spots for any owner in any league, even with Moore facing Joe Haden for much of the afternoon.

So understandably you’re worried about reports of possibly over an inch of rain falling in Oakland between Sunday morning and Monday morning. But when we activate the 100 Yards and Running radar system we learn that the heavenly powers above are unleashing that pounding almost entirely before the game is set to kickoff at 1:00 p.m. PT, with the heavy rain turning into lighter, scattered showers around noon.

From then on the concern lies with the wind. At the height of mother nature’s fury this morning in the Bay Area, gusts are expected to reach up to about 27 miles per hour. Yeah, nuts. But around kickoff that drops to a still gusty although now very manageable nine miles per hour.

The field will, of course, be soaked, with water hazards, and perhaps even a few muddy sand traps popping up. That alone is a concern, and if you’re in a situation on your roster where there’s a difficult decision involving Gordon at the WR3 or flex spot, then you can use the field conditions as a tie breaker.

But with the weather at gametime expected to be only unfavorable and still very playable, the conditions shouldn’t be weighed too heavily beyond that. They’re a factor, but a small one, so don’t overreact and make a rash, regrettable last-minute decision, like one that ends with Moore on the bench. Obviously Darren McFadden should be benched, because he’s likely not playing as the Raiders protect his recently recovered glass body from the slop fest. There’s one easy decision, with Marcel Reece’s value now quickly rising against a middle tier run defense.

Again, though, the weather and the conditions it will produce is a tie breaker, and nothing more.