It’s back! Moving pictures, repeated and endless entertainment! Browser crashing!

Yep, it’s all here, as our GIF post returns, at least for one week. We had this sucker running earlier in the year until some technical difficulties robbed us of the ability to produce our own homegrown GIFs of people chewing stuff, which is vital for the forward movement of the investigative journalism we’re not doing.

Produced by our social media mastermind Scott Johnson — he of the Madden simulation fame — we may not have GIFs in this Monday format every week, but we’ll have them sporadically going forward as the inspiration arises. So please enjoy a collection of players, coaches and fans dancing, fumbling, scribbling, and forecasting fate yesterday.

The methodical chewing of the week

The confusing celebration of the week

The foreshadowing of the week

The hip thrusting of the week

The lonely scribbling of the week

The saddest eyes in the world of the week

The self-induced shaming of the week