This started to do laps around the web’s interconnecting tubes yesterday, but it’s dripping with so much awesome that I had to pass it along in all of its animated glowing snot glory in case you haven’t seen Martellus Bennett’s latest black unicorn unleashing.

Please recall last week when we learned that after the Giants’ win over Green Bay, Bennett cradled the life of a fan in his hands after a man fell over a railing. No, you’re an exaggeration.

In a video produced by NOC TV, Bennett tells his tale of heroism that started when he just wanted to give a pair of gloves to an octopus kid.

“I’ve always been a black unicorn, because I’m 50 percent black and 50 percent amazing. I was about six or seven when I figured out I was amazing, and I was about 24 when I figured out I was black”

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