The playoffs are in full swing and every start-sit decision is crucial. This week, we give permanent green-light status to a rookie QB, consider benching one of Buffalo’s unappreciated running backs, and throw up the red light for one star running back.

 Green Light: Russell Wilson

It has been a pleasure to watch Russell Wilson develop this season. With 15+ fantasy points in each of the last 5 weeks vs CHI, MIA, MIN, NYJ and DET, he’s proven that owners don’t need to flex him out against good defenses anymore. Critics cautioned he would struggle in the pros because he wasn’t tall enough to see over the offensive line. Yet somehow, Wilson has gone through the season with just eight interceptions, while getting just 1.4% of his passes knocked down at the line of scrimmage (the league average is 1.9%).

Taking on an Arizona Cardinals defense that has allowed the third fewest fantasy points to quarterbacks this season appears to be a daunting task. Not for Wilson. In seven road starts, he has eight TDs and eight INTs. Yes, that means he has zero interceptions at home and 11 touchdowns to boot. With Sunday’s game coming at home in Seattle, I’m giving Wilson the full green light.

Yellow Light: CJ Spiller

Benching one of the most dynamic runners in the game is always risky business, as Spiller is never more than one carry away from putting up huge numbers. There are two things that will limit CJ’s production this Sunday. He is facing a St. Louis Rams defense that’s tightened the screws in recent weeks. They allowed fewer than 65 rushing yards to both the Cardinals and the 49ers – the performance against the Niners being especially impressive considering San Fran’s success on the ground this season.

Spiller owners also have to deal with the constant presence of Fred Jackson. Last week, Jackson took 25 carries, while Spiller got just 14. Jackson is considered the short-yardage back, meaning he will be ready to vulture any touchdowns from the five-yard line and in. Until CJ can become the lead-back on a team with a solid defense, he will never reach his lofty ceiling.

Red Light: Alfred Morris

Editor’s Note

My apologies, Lewis is not eligible to return from the IR until Week 15 against the Broncos. I would still try to avoid playing Morris against a Ravens defense that has thrived in Lewis’ absence. Jameel McClain has filled in admirably for Lewis, recording 31 tackles over the last four weeks. As a group, Baltimore ranks ninth against the run, and they have managed to produce the second most fumbles of any defense in the league (nine).

The Ravens haven’t allowed 100 rushing yards in four straight weeks and they’ve allowed just one rushing touchdown over the last five weeks. Morris might convert a score from the red zone, so if your next option is a platoon-back, stick with Morris. In all other cases, it’s time to throw the red light up.

Feel free to post any start’em/sit’em questions you may have in the comments and I’ll give you my two cents worth.

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  1. Who do I start, Kenny Britt or Justin Blackmon?

    • Antonio Cromartie is gonna be a brutal matchup for Blackmon. Ever since Revis went down, he’s been doing an excellent job against opposing top receivers. No Cecil Shorts, means Cromartie will def be on Blackmon with safety help.

      Much easier matchup for Britt against Indy. He got 8 targets last week and the coaching staff said they are committed to getting him the ball. Roll with him

  2. Disagree Lewis was playing at a high level. Ravens D was hemorrhaging yards with him in there. Suggs is back though, and MAYBE the BAL D rides a high of having Lewis back after that tough L last week. Morris is still a decent play IMO.

    • Suggs is key and a healthy Haloti Ngata is very key to stopping the run. Only bench Morris if have another guy getting 15+ carries

  3. Interesting you have 2 of my players here. I’ve had Both Eli and Cam Newton as my QB’s all season, but noticed Wilson on waivers and picked him up yesterday. Who would you take out of the 3? My gut tells me Newton.

    As for Alfred Morris, I have Leshoure on the bench, who would be the better option here?

    • I think ur right about newton. He has been red hot the last two weeks but this is becoming a very good falcons pass defence and they’ve faced him three times now. Atlanta’s upgrade at corner with Asante Samuel is huge. Eli against the Saints is an absolute must-start and my reasons for Wilson are stated above. He seems to have a high floor right now and he’s playing at home where he thrives.

  4. Which two of the three: Newton, Kaepernick and Wilson?

    Which two of the three: Fred Jackson, Josh Gordon and Denario Alexander?


    • Kaep playing at home against a non-division team, is a great place for him to succeed. Jim Harbaugh really wants to see the offense put up a big number this week to show that he made the right decision with CK over Smith. Except to see them take quite a few chances down the field and expect them to try and get CK a few big runs. Miami traded their best corner and won’t be able to cover vernon davis. Hey, maybe a little bit of a grudge game for Vernon since they traded his bro? I commented above stating why I don’t like Newton this week. Atl’s defence is a very underrated group and wilson playing at home has led to consistently great production

    • Fred Jackson had 25 carries last week and will continue to get the short-yardage TD’s. It would have to be a ppr league to consider benching him. Josh Gordon is a hit or miss guy. KC’s secondary has some pretty reputable guys like Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry. Flowers will probably cover Gordon so I would opt for Danario. You have to think San Diego won’t have much success running it against this vaunted Steelers D. Once they start airing it out, Pittsburgh will aim to take away Gates and Floyd. Alexander gets pittsburgh’s second corner (who I had to look up) Keenan Lewis. I think he could have a sneaky good day

  5. My roster is as follows qb-RG3 rbs- Bryce brown ray rice Alfred Morris Wrs- Greg Jennings demaryuis Thomas Randall Cobb Pierre garçon D/ST-Seahawks and broncos kicker Lawrence tynes

    I can start 1 qb 2rbs 2wrs a flex d/ST and a kicker , who shuld I start

    • Assuming lesean mccoy is out, I would start bryce brown and ray rice at RB. Def start Demaryius at wide receiver and after that I would opt for both Green Bay wide receivers. Games with detroit often end up in a stafford-rodgers shootout and with jordy nelson out, those two guys will be looking at close to 10 targets each. Ed Reed will likely limit the deep stuff for pierre garcon and I think ravens will look to stop alfred morris before anything else. Seattle at home could put up defensive scores against Zona. I never like playing against Oakland in the black hole

  6. And my tight ends are Brandon myers and Owen Daniels , I can only start one, which one do I start

    • I don’t think you can bench brandon myers after last week. I know he is unlikely to repeat it, but they are gonna feed him at least 10 targets. New England has some pretty athletic linebackers in ninkovich, spikes and jones to cover Daniels and Belichek often takes away certain key elements from an offense to through them off rhythm. Roll with Myers

  7. Overrated Davis at TE or Newly minted WR Sceffler for the Lions listed as a TE.

    • Ha! It’s been a tough year for Davis, but as I said up top, I can maybe see him having a big game against the team that traded his brother. That’s just a hunch though and Tony scheffler getting a lot of targets is more than a hunch. Its very likely since they literally have nobody else to throw it to and this game is gonna be a shootout. Also safer to roll with Stafford throwing to ur guy as opposed to Kaep, whose accuracy is still a big question mark for me

  8. Hey Oliver! Thanks in advance if you get a chance to glance at this:

    Got Big Ben, Kaep and Dalton in one league. They all seem like low end QB1s but do you like any of them more than another this week? Leaning Dalton as that game might be more of a shootout.

    Also trying to decide between 2 of Ridley, SJax and Moreno. Buffalo’s run D has really stepped it up recently though SJax is running wild these days. Love Moreno against Oakland and Ridley’s been my boy all season but Houston is a tough matchup. Thoughts?

    Thanks again.

    • No problem, thanks for reading. Dallas have two excellent corners, but can either one cover AJ Green? I don’t think so. They also haven’t been playing as well the past few weeks. Dalton also has significantly better numbers at home. Big Ben is def healthy since he was cleared last week and he is very consistent when he plays. Very high floor. Kaep does not have a high floor and although this is a good matchup for him, he’s much riskier than Ben or Dalton.

      The last three weeks, Buffalo’s run defence has been fantastic. This has been a disappointing, inconsistent year for s-jax and I think he’s in for a slow day. Moreno has had two striaght games of 20 carries and I think he’s in for a big day. Oakland’s priority has to be stopping peyton and the pass game. Houston is formidable against the run, but the Pats will move the football and put stevan ridley in goal-line situations. He has a touchdown in five straight games and I like his chances more than s-jax’s. Houston’s priority also has to be stopping the pass, which might create some chances for big runs. Cheers

  9. Hate to be the buzz kill but ray lewis isnt eligible to play until December 15 against the broncos because he was on the ir so his frustration will have to wait till then. HTTR!

  10. I have Doug Martin, Frank Gore, Al Morris and Ryan Mathews at running back leaning towards Martin and Gore. WR Welker Steve Smith Fitzgerald Stevie Johnson Blackmon, thinking Welker Smith Johnson. and TE Hernandez and Myers thinking Hernandez. QB RGIII as well. How do you feel about those choices?

    • Def start Martin and I would lean to Gore over Morris. Both should see lots of carries, but Gore is running behind a better offensive line and against a weaker run defence. These are tough WR decisions but this is how I see it: the only guy out of those five who is not facing an elite corner is Stevie Johnson. Finnegan is not elite (may never have been). Richard Sherman is going to play for the Seahawks, so I don’t think Fitrz and Skelton will necessarily get on track right away. Tough matchups for welker and smith against joseph and samuel respectively but you could argue that there isn’t a corner in the league that can cover either of those guys. Roll with them and Stevie J

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