We break briefly from our fantasy pontificating and gambling forecasting (don’t worry, kids, Rob Pizzola will be around with his weekly Thursday night pick shortly) to share yet another video from the always excellent Taiwanese animators over at NMA World that’s both perfect, and perfectly absurd.

This time the target is Bob Costas, and the inner workings of the ire directed at him after his anti-gun rant during Sunday Night Football.

The core of the issue has two opposing prongs. Firstly, Costas is a perennially pretentious douche who had the testicles to criticize how we obtain our perspective on tragic events like the Javon Belcher murder-suicide in one breath, and he then proceeded to feed us his perspective in the next breath by quoting Jason Whitlock, who matches Costas’ douche factor.

Now a few days removed from his halftime commentary, that seems to be one extreme in the public opinion towards Costas right now. The other is this: if we can force ourselves to set aside Costas’ pretentiousness for a second, let’s remember that we’re getting mad at theĀ editorialist for editorializing.

Thanks, KSK