Throughout the season our Madden Nostradamus has given us many bits of wisdom, all of which come from the video game machine’s inner oracle powers. No doubt you’ve used every one of them for your Thursday night fantasy decisions, including starting Kevin Ogletree in Week 1. If we can’t trust a video game, I’m not sure that I can live in this world anymore.

But this week’s sim led us to a strong conclusion. Namely, START DARREN MCFADDEN TONIGHT.

We (and by that I mean Scott Johnson, our Madden maestro) usually do this sim on Wednesday mornings, because despite all appearances to the contrary, there’s some degree of preparation required to produce most of the content which appears on this Internet writing space. So we sometimes have to make a very educated guess about injury statuses, and the expected workload of players who may be playing in a limited capacity.

It’s Week 14, and that process hasn’t taken a big bite our of our collective asses yet. That ends now.

We knew Darren McFadden would most likely, almost definitely play this week, but prior to doing this sim exactly how much work he would receive remained uncertain. So we went conservative, and kept Marcel Reece slotted in. And whatever, because McFadden will bust a body part on his second carry tonight anyway.

What Madden then told us through Reece is that you need to start Raiders running back X in all fantasy lineups.

Use your imagination while watching the virtual reality below (*head asplodes*), and pretend Reece is McFadden It really doesn’t matter, because either way Madden’s message is clear. The Raiders running back who’s the starting running back is a running back that you need on your roster tonight.

Yeah, that just happened. The Raiders beat the Broncos 20-3. Madden cares little for your facts and history, and the Broncos’ real-life spanking of the Raiders earlier this year in Week 4, winning 37-6.

Final Stats

Broncos Raiders
Total offense 332 242
Rushing yards 40 43
Passing yards 292 199
First downs 13 12



OAK – Carson Palmer – 15/21, 159 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
DEN – Peyton Manning – 12/20, 116 yards


OAK – M. Reece – 23 carries for 150 yards, 1 TD
DEN – K. Moreno – 12 carries for 35 yards


OAK – Brandon Myers – 3 catches for 48 yards
DEN – Demaryius Thomas – 4 catches for 42 yards
OAK – Denarius Moore – 4 catches for 34 yards, 1 TD
OAK – Rod Streater – 4 catches for 33 yards
OAK – Louis Murphy – 1 catch for 25 yards
DEN – Eric Decker – 2 catches for 23 yards
DEN – Matt Willis – 1 catch for 18 yards
OAK – Darrius Heyward-Bey – 1 catch for 16 yards
DEN – Knowshon Moreno – 2 catches for 9 yards
OAK – Taiwan Jones – 1 catch for 7 yards
DEN – Joel Dreessen – 1 catch for 4 yards

Ogletree of the game: Marcel Reece

Thoughts And Rants

  • Reece or McFadden or whoever broke about 16 tackles while running for that 80-yard score in the second quarter. I’m not sure how the virtual Broncos are doing during their virtual season, but the reality Broncos have the seventh-ranked rushing defense that’s allowing only 96.4 yards on the ground per game. So yeah, Reece/McFadden came only 17 yards short of that mark on one carry. Start that man.
  • You will never see Carson Palmer do a complete spin while keeping his balance. And you’ll definitely never see Carson Palmer do a complete spin while keeping his balance before rolling further to his right, planting, and throwing a dart into a tight window.
  • Don’t start Demaryius Thomas, because he’s still a filthy fumbling jerk. He’s lost three fumbles in reality, and he turfed one again here. Jim Nantz treated the play as though he was calling a bowel movement. Mostly boredom, mixed with some pain.

The Three Things I learned From This Simulation

1. Tackling is for losers.

2. Carson Palmer is nimble and ballerina-like.

3. Marcel Reece will always have a place to be relevant.