No Jordy Nelson for you

Seconds after I posted this, we received another little slice of wideout hurt. Jordy Nelson has been officially ruled out due to a hamstring injury.

This is notable, which is why I’m noting it, but it’s something far less than surprising, as it merely confirms a development which we’ve expected since Monday. That means you, the Nelson owner, should have grabbed one of the prime waiver wire candidates earlier this week, with Chris Givens and T.Y. Hilton leading our list. Even though the waiver period has ended both of those names are still widely available for hire, with Hilton owned in 52.7 percent of ESPN leagues, while Givens’ ownership is at only 14.7 percent.

Nelson’s absence will likely lead to smiling Greg Jennings and James Jones owners, as Jennings will receive a significant uptick in targets, while Jones’ usage will remain high for at least one more week.