This is both awesome and awful, but mostly confusing.

Both Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy passed their baseline concussion tests, and they might practice tomorrow as the Eagles prepare for their Thursday night game against Cincinnati. For Vick it’s meaningless, as unless Nick Foles is injured he’ll be a backup for the remainder of the season. The Eagles have committed to Foles, making Vick little more than a highly paid hat model, and yet he’ll still likely find a way to hurt himself on the sideline. Don’t hand that man a clipboard.

But McCoy’s situation is a little different. If he’s healthy enough to play, he’ll play. It’s really that simple, and we’ve been given no indication which would lead us to expect anything else. And if he does indeed return Thursday, we’ll likely see the abrupt end of Bryce Brown’s relevance.

A week ago I would have written something entirely different regarding Brown’s status if/when McCoy returns. I would have warned of a potential split developing between the two, and how there’s a lot of suck associated with that because it would limit the value and production of both running backs. That may still happen, and maybe I’m just doing what feels natural, and leaping to a conclusion.

But Brown was kind enough to finish with only six yards on 12 carries against the Buccaneers yesterday, which came after he had 372 yards from scrimmage and four touchdowns over the previous two weeks. Yep, that’s an average of 10.5 yards per carry.

No one expected him to maintain that pace against the league’s best rush defense yesterday, but a tumble to only 0.5 yards per carry is downright frightening. Combine that with his chronic fumbling (Brown’s lost three fumbles in his three starts), and head coach Andy Reid may be far less willing to roll with the kids, and keep a healthy McCoy on the sideline watching, and waiting.

For now, though, that’s what you’re doing. Waiting, and doing more waiting, and then possibly waiting some more. If you’re a McCoy or Brown owner, there’s little you can do until we get a definitive decision regarding McCoy’s Thursday status, and although he’s been given clearance to practice, he still hasn’t seen an independent Neurologist for game clearance. That means the turnaround prior to Thursday could still be difficult.

But if plays, your best action will likely be to treat McCoy as a low-end RB2, while Brown falls to your flex spot.