In fantasy football as in life, there are times when we must take a deep breath and a long sprint, and jump off a metaphorical cliff. Sometimes you may have to jump off a literal one too.

It seems, though, that our collective fantasy cliff is Danario Alexander. We’re still afraid of him, and that’s deeply confusing.

I base that observation on the ownership numbers for the Chargers wide receiver. They’re scattered, and both low and moderate, but it’s still surprising that they’re anything lower than, well, high, a problem that should quickly be fixed by early Wednesday morning when waiver claims for this week go through.

Alexander is somehow owned in only 27.2 percent of ESPN leagues. His ownership then rises to 52 percent in Yahoo leagues, but the fact that he’s available in nearly half of leagues there should still be grounds for a jail term in most countries.

Let’s review some fun Alexander numbers rapid fire stylez following the Chargers’ win over the Steelers yesterday in which he was again featured prominently:

  • Due to injury problems he played his first game of the 2012 season in Week 8, and he predictably received minimal usage in that debut as he was eased in. But in his six games since he’s averaged 79.3 yards per game.
  • That’s nearly eight fantasy points per game on his receiving yards alone, which is already fine production from your WR3 or flex spot. But of course, this gets better.
  • He’s also scored five touchdowns in those six games, giving him an average of 10.7 fantasy points per game. He’s been consistent too, with his yardage hovering around his season average, and never falling below 60 yards. Toss in the blow ups (134 yards in Week 10, and three games with more than 90 yards), and after purchasing Alexander you’ll own a receiver with both high upside, and consistent upside.
  • For some perspective to show how consistently productive Alexander is, he’s in the same lucrative area code as Andre Johnson, Wes Welker, and Julio Jones in average fantasy points per week, as those three are all clipping along at a pace of 10.3 points weekly. That’s a pretty posh and expensive neighborhood. Including his most recent outburst yesterday in which he had 88 yards on seven catches with two touchdowns, Alexander has had 15 or more points three times.
  • Then there’s his still high target volume. With a steady increase since Week 11 when he received seven targets, Alexander is averaging 8.5 targets per game since Week 9. But even that overall number is a little misleading, since Philip Rivers targeted him 11 times yesterday during the Chargers’ surprise win, marking the third time over his last four games that Alexander has had double-digit targets.
  • Those targets have often been of the deep variety too, as Alexander has seven catches for 20 yards or more, despite only 33 receptions overall. The 100 Yards and Running math monkeys (who were at Ikea yesteday looking quite dapper) tell me that’s a fine pace of a +20 yard catch on 21 percent of his receptions.

Also, there’s this…

So again, in the middle of the fantasy playoffs, can someone please explain to me why Alexander is so widely available for hire?