Specifically, it’s a grade 1 LCL sprain, with Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan saying that his quarterback felt great today after being examined by Dr. Death James Andrews. I’d write more words, but you’re not reading anymore after the word “good”. Shanny, take the floor.

Dare you to read past “mild”:

“Robert has a mild sprain of the LCL — it’s Grade 1,” he said. “He’s had some mild swelling. He had his right knee repaired, his ACL, in 2009, and that looks great. No problem there. We’ll evaluate it day by day, see how it is on Wednesday, but talking to him today he felt pretty good.”

Griffin’s odds of playing next Sunday against the Browns are tentatively looking increasingly OK (this fence feels good), and we’ll likely see him miss at least one practice this week before being limited in others, and then entering the weekend as a game-time decision.

But taking out insurance against the absence of the best player in fantasy football is probably a good idea. There’s a waiver wire for that, and five recommendations that we made earlier.