Personally, if doing an activity could lead to permanent damage in any part of my body, I wouldn’t do said activity. But that may not be a fair comparison to Dez Bryant’s situation, because the most strenuous part of my day is often the walk to the java machine. Hey, it’s at least 25 feet away.

Anywho, as a cold-hearted evil fantasy manager you care little about Bryant’s well being. Yeah, we’re all horrible people, and if Bryant wants to be a lunatic and threaten his career and more importantly his body, we say good for him, I guess. That’s happening, and here are the most important words you’ll read all week: Bryant will play, according to ESPN’s Ed Werder, and after getting a second opinion from a hand specialist he’ll delay surgery.

It’s a decision that will be treated as brave and noble by the rah rah football isn’t for sissies crowd, when in reality the risk of re-injury that could cause permanent stiffness — thus restricting Bryant’s ability to, you know, catch a ball — is too great. But today we’ll still see Bryant on a practice field in a limited capacity, according to ESPN Dallas, and he’ll wear a split, with the Cowboys’ training staff determining the best way to protect his injured left index finger throughout the week.

So by now it should be clear that there’s significant risk here, and given both the nature of the injury and the time in the fantasy calender, Bryant will arguably become the riskiest fantasy play of the year when Dallas hosts Pittsburgh Sunday afternoon. But unless your roster is loaded with other appealing matchups and high-end flex plays that could turn into significant production, I don’t see how benching Bryant is a possibility.

The risk of playing him is indeed significant, but the risk of benching him is worse. Even at, say, 75 percent Bryant is still better than any WR3 you could trot out, and if that’s the level he’s sunk to this week because of the injury, so be it. His index finger is far from his legs, so he won’t be lacking his signature burst. He could be lacking his signature hands, but if his ability to catch a football is that limited in practice today and tomorrow, I feel comfortable assuming Bryant then won’t play, and you’ll know that in time to make the necessary clicks to get him out of your lineup. He may be dumb, but the Cowboys aren’t stupid enough to start a receiver who can’t catch.

Or are they?

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