And you can thank the erosion of Ahmad Bradshaw’s body.

When I recommended David Wilson as one of the top waiver adds this week, I did it knowing the possibility that Bradshaw could sit out due to his knee sprain. But that recommendation was made during a time when Bradshaw sitting still seemed like a distant, reaching possibility for the newly-minted Wilson owners.

However, Wilson still retained value because even an active Bradshaw would be limited, likely giving the rookie 10-12 carries. That kind of workload could be quite profitable for you, because this past Sunday against New Orleans Wilson needed only 13 carries to finish with 100 yards. Against a better but still generally terrible Falcons run defense this week a similar output on a similar workload could easily happen.

But now the possibilities of an even greater explosion seem so very real, because Bradshaw missed his second straight practice today, and it doesn’t take much intuitive between-the-lines reading to get the sense that his chances of playing this week are getting increasingly terrible.

When head coach Tom Coughlin was asked about Bradshaw today he said little, but he didn’t express much optimism. Coughlin only said that “whatever the medical people tell us, we’ll live with.” Meanwhile, long-time Giants beat writer Paul Schwartz doubts Bradshaw will even make the trip to Atlanta, and Rotoworld is labeling him “extremely questionable.”

This leads to a perfect alignment of the celestial bodies for Wilson, and the many who made a claim on him this week. Somewhat remarkably he still remains unowned in 40 percent of ESPN leagues and 39 percent of Yahoo leagues, both rates that should be a little lower, so be sure to check your free agent pool for a bargain value play. Wilson will run against a Falcons defense that’s giving up 127 yards per game on the ground overall and 4.9 per carry, making this a prime opportunity for another RB2-level performance.

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  1. Ok Sean, you’re throwing me in hoops. I had finally just convinced myself to start Bryce Brown over Wilson, and now I’m back at square one. I’m almost leaning to starting Brown and Wilson over Gore. Out of Gore, Brown and Wilson, who would you start? (no flex position in my league). I look at Foster’s week against NE last week and I don’t see Gore putting up that same kind of week but I feel so clueless right now anyways.

    One final help answer I need. Whatever you say I’ll do…but remember this is to put me into the Championships in my rookie year.

    • I’m sensing some pressure here. It’s all good, I’m quite comfortable with being blamed if your entire fantasy season crumbles.

      I understand your hesitation with Gore, but I’ve always maintained that you need to be careful not to overplay matchups. The 49ers are running a lot with Colin Kaepernick under center, and Gore has posted double-digit fantasy points in four of his last five games. Two of those games came against the Rams, a front seven that’s only a small step down from the Patriots (St. Louis is allowing 110.3 yards per game, while the Pats are giving up 100.8).

      So I say stick with Gore. Of the other two, it would definitely be WIlson due to the aforementioned inviting matchup against Atlanta if Brown was playing on Sunday. But of course he isn’t, making your decision that much more challenging tonight since although it doesn’t look like Bradshaw will play and therefore Wilson will start, we simply don’t know yet, and we won’t until the weekend.

      That means this comes down to how brave you feel. Personally, I’d go conservative and play Brown.

      • Ok I think I can accept that. But expect me to come back for some more advice over the weekend if Bradshaw is out. Then I have to choose between Gore and Wilson and Wilson’s matchup is looking a little friendlier right now. Fuck the Thursday nighter.

    • I’m in a similar boat, with Bryce, Wilson, Moreno and Ridley fighting over 3 active roster spots (RB RB Flex). Here’s my approach:

      I’m starting Bryce tonight in one of my RB spots. Who know what’ll happen between now and Sunday, but it could involve Bradshaw being declared active and good to go, or some crazy freak event whereby one of my other guys (or Gore, in your case) suffer an injury in practice and it’s too late to start Brown because it ain’t Thursday no more.

      So now I’m down to two of Ridley, Moreno and Wilson for my other two spots. If Bradshaw is declared out, Wilson is in for sure – tons of talent, big workload, great matchup – as a no brainer start. Then I just have to gut call Ridley or Moreno, with a lean toward Moreno in the better matchup.

      If I were you, I’d start Bryce tonight and if Bradshaw is declared out for Sunday, consider starting Wilson in your flex spot or flip a coin between him and Gore.

  2. Moreno or wilson?

    • I’m really not that high on Moreno. Yeah, it’s nice that he hasn’t combusted yet after receiving 32 carries last week, but his owners have primarily focused on that number while forgetting that he plodded along at just 3.7 yards per carry.

      But hey, he’ll be good this week against a Ravens defense that’s a shahow of its former self. I just think that if Bradshaw is out Wilson will be that much better due to the reasons mentioned above. Roll with the rookie.

  3. M. Forte, T. Richardson, S Jackson, and Wilson. Which three do you go with?

    • There’s no way you’re benching Richardson or Forte ever (see the comment below regarding overplaying matchups, and sticking with studs). They brought you to the semi finals, so keep riding them.

      Of the other two, it’s also tough to bench Jackson, as he’s been giving you standard RB2 production (16 fantasy points over the last two weeks). But if Wilson is starting, his matchup is so favorable that he’s a much better flex play. However, if he’s in a split with Bradshaw, I’d stick with Jackson.

      • Exactly what I had been thinking! Thanks for the confirmation, I’m still pretty new at this whole Fantasy Football thing.

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