UPDATE (1:07 p.m. ET): Bradshaw has now officially been ruled out, and some Giants beat reporters are also wondering if he’ll play another regular-season game. DAVID WILSON DAVID WILSON DAVID WILSON.

Hello there, David Wilson owner. I’m sure right now you’re beaming brightly while preparing to depart for a lengthy Friday lunch that may or may not contain more liquid than food. Good on you, fine sir.

Would you like more reasons to feel really, really great about yourself?

Remember, oh, less than 24 hours ago when we learned that Ahmad Bradshaw missed his second straight day of practice due to his knee injury? Yes, I remember it fondly too, mostly because I then proceeded to drool all of the David Wilson drool, and peg him as the waiver pickup that could get you into your championship. His matchup against the falcons and their run defense that’s giving up 127 rushing yards per game is just that damn good, and Atlanta has also given up 12 carries for 20 yards or more over 13 games. Wilson has already logged four 20 yarders on just 41 carries.

Yeah, you should already be slotting Wilson in as a flex play at worst right now since Bradshaw’s been ailing all week. Bradshaw didn’t practice again today, making it highly likely that we’ll hear he’s officially been ruled out soon. Then at that point, Wilson can easily be upgraded to an RB2. He is Zeus, and we are merely his people.

But it gets better, because it always does when the fantasy world is collectively experiencing a blood rushing sensation prompted by one man. One glorious man.

Three major New York newspapers (those things with the pages and words, and they feel all weird and icky on your hands) are now saying that Bradshaw is unlikely to play, and his offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride only dropped a “we’ll see” regarding Bradshaw’s status. Confidence, it’s low.

You’re still a little worried, though, because as a rookie Wilson has seen a very limited workload, maxing out at only 13 carries last week. Is there confidence among the Giants’ coaching staff that a small-ish running back (Wilson is 5’9″) can handle the violence of a full game and a full load?

Ralph Vacchiano from the New York Daily News was wondering about that same question. Conveniently, he talks to Giants head coach Tom Coughlin almost daily. So he figured what the hell, let’s ask if Wilson is indeed prepared for 20-25 carries.

The answer was a pretty strong “yes.”

“I would say this to you. It’s the individual. These guys are not small. They’re short. They’re not small. They’re thick. They’re muscular. This guy has very, very good leg strength and he has got one ingredient that you look for in everybody and it’s stamina. He has outstanding stamina. It appears that he can go all day long. So those are going to be assets he needs right down the stretch here.”

The bolding is mine, and the dog leash unchaining is Coughlin’s. Now all we need is official word that Bradshaw has been ruled out, and then in the spirit of the holidays we can rejoice in the appropriate manner…