UPDATE (3:06 p.m. ET): Alright so maybe we shouldn’t feel so warm and confident about Griffin’s playing status after all. Jay Glazer is now reporting that he hasn’t taken a single first-team practice rep all week, duties which have fallen to Kirk Cousins. Glazer also calls Griffin a “true game-time decision”. Youch.

At least you have the benefit of Redskins-Browns being in the early block of games with a 1:00 ET kickoff, making this white-knuckle game-day decision much easier. Stay safe out there, guys.

And we return to your breathless Robert Griffin III updating, with his knee now more popular than I was in my senior year of high school.

Frankly, there’s not much left to say at this point, which is problematic because I’m in the business of saying things about stuff. When his grade one LCL sprain occurred last week we generally expected Griffin to miss practice time, possibly be limited in a practice or two, and then enter the weekend slapped with the ol’ game-time decision tag. And that’s basically what’s happened, as Griffin is now officially listed as questionable, even though Redskins beat reporters still widely expect him to play Sunday against the Browns.

John Keim from the Washington Examiner observed the open portion of Redskins practice today, and noted some encouraging progress:

Griffin did more than just throw drop-back passes, which is what he was mostly limited to Wednesday and Thursday during the part of practice open to the media. Friday, while the media watched, Griffin executed a bootleg rollout and pass. He still did not look 100 percent, which would be hard to expect so soon after suffering a Grade 1 sprained lateral collateral ligament in his right knee.

So everything remains on course for wondrous news when the early game inactives/actives are announced Sunday morning around 11:30 a.m. ET. You’re already sacrificing relationships to monitor this news, and you’ll continue to do so all weekend. If you were desperate for a backup hopefully you made a claim on one of the five replacement options we explored earlier this week, so if the unlikely words of doom come out regarding RG3, at least you’ll only jab one fork into your eyeballs instead of eight.

But even though he surely won’t be the true RG3, there’s no universe in which you’re sitting Griffin if he’s active. None.

Have fun getting healthy, natural sleep if your fantasy season ends while he has a 20-ish fantasy point day.