A quick note on the Gronk

Surely by now you’ve read the ProFootballTalk report from earlier this morning in which you were told that the door leading to a meaningful Rob Gronkowski appearance tonight is at least slightly ajar.

If somehow your Internet went out for like four hours and you missed it, here’s the money line:

While it remains unlikely Gronkowski plays, his toughness and determination could result in an unexpected appearance on Sunday night.

Of course, doctors would have to approve it.  If they do, then we may see Gronkowski in a game that the Pats need to win if they want to remain in position to swipe the top seed from the Texans.

To which our response is this: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

As the eight early games get set to kick off in mere minutes followed by the five late afternoon games, don’t even consider slotting in Gronkowski with his minmal odds of playing, while nearly every other tight end option on your bench plays and is therefore burned this afternoon. Although Gronk is about as human as Terrell Suggs — which is to say he has lasers for bones — he only returned to practice Friday. Even in a dreamy world with lollipops and candy canes and Gronk playing tonight, his usage will surely be serverly limited, and he’ll carry very little fantasy value.

Just say no.