Psy was the perfect guy for this.

In the beginning Gangnam style was a cute K-pop jingle that everyone could dance to. I requested it at a wedding — everyone did the dance and had a good time. Then I heard it on the radio. On the TV. People sang it on the streets. Ellen danced to it. Psy went on Ellen with Britney Spears. I couldn’t listen to it anymore, but society didn’t care. My mom asked if I had heard it. The end had come.

In the beginning the Bills in Toronto series was a good idea. Mine your biggest non-Buffalo fan base for some extra cash while ensuring the Bills would remain in Buffalo for the foreseeable future — makes sense.

Five years on this needs to end.

The whole thing is painful. First you get the cavalcade of Buffalo sports writers expressing their dismay at the lack of atmosphere at the Rogers Centre. Doing this in year one of the experiment made sense. They weren’t wrong — it doesn’t compare to the urine soaked house of dreams that is the Ralph. In year five it’s redundant. We get it. That stadium isn’t a good place for the NFL. It isn’t a good place for professional sports in general.

As a Bills fan who enjoys going to Buffalo a lot, the Bills in T.O. creates another problem. I find myself apologizing to Buffalonians for the lack of support the team receives here. In place of a home game — crucial for NFL teams in the big picture, you gotta win those — is a sideshow housed in a concrete gulag. Half the fans in attendance don’t give a damn. The ones that do are usually cheering for the other team.

The biggest reason this idea has failed so miserably is the most obvious. The Buffalo Bills are horrible, and have been for a long time. Accountability is a foreign concept with this organization.

Ryan Fitzpatrick should’ve been taken off the field in the third quarter of week seven. The fact that our backup hasn’t seen the field this season is embarrassing. Once again Stevie Johnson’s excellence was wasted. Fitz has made overthrowing the ball an art.

The defense beat up on weak teams for a couple weeks, mistakenly providing fans with a glimmer of hope in a lost season. Today was a wake up call. The linebacking corps may be the worst in the league. Marcell Dareus has played like a fifth-round pick, not somebody drafted third overall. The unit gave up 50 points for the second time this year. On the season they’ve allowed 402 points, putting the record of 454 (1984) within reach.

In the end this is on the worst coach in the league. The Bills ineptitude was summed up by a quarterback sneak on first down — they thought it was fourth and inches. Marcus Easley was activated only to find himself behind Ruvell Martin on the depth chart. RUVELL MARTIN!@#$%@%$@

The team quit on him. If Buddy Nix and Russ Brandon had any sense Chan would be fired immediately after the game. But they won’t do it. This franchise is obsessed with making every dollar count. It’s why Fitzpatrick is still starting. It’s also why Gailey won’t be axed until after the year — and that’s still hoping. With the loss the Bills have guaranteed their 10th losing season in the past 12 years.

End this. Don’t come back to Toronto. Stop pretending this is working and cut your losses. I didn’t want the Bills to leave Buffalo. This series was a step in preventing that from happening. Five years later I say this with no reservations: it’s not worth it.

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  1. This has been a depressing weekend, mostly for non-football reasons, but this game certainly didn’t help at all. I didn’t expect a win, but I anticipated a tough fought game with effort and as-good-as-can-be-expected performances from both players and coaches. Was let down on all angles. As an American, I want to apologize to Canada for dumping our trash on their crown jewel city. I’d be too embarrassed to ever go back, if I was a Bills executive.

  2. I’ve been a Canadian NFL fan for a long time, but I have refused to go to the Rogers Centre and pay an exorbitant amount of money to see such lousy match ups as they keep giving us. If they want more support from Canadian fans make the Toronto series more like the London series and send us a game worth our time, our attention and our dollars.

  3. Horrible, ugly, detestable, egregious, heinous, horrific, distasteful, embarrassing, pathetic, incompetent, bush league, bad, really bad, astoundingly bad, pure D bad, vomit inducing, weak, painful, over matched, ridiculous pizz poor, shoddy, clueless, historically bad, NO! just, no.

    This is depressing.

  4. I was watching this game for a bit and it seemed very dull and boring.

  5. I like the way the article doesn’t mention who they played, but who cares? This is Canada, where football is a pussy sport and REAL men play HOCKEY!!!
    Fucking NFL Fags…..go home!

  6. “The unit gave up 50 points for the first time since the 1970s.”

    Didn’t the Defense give up 52 to the Patriots in Week 4?

  7. Can’t we just tell the, to stay in Toronto? I don’t want these guys back.

  8. The fifth largest city in North America and they do not have a NFL franchise give me a break!

    • There is a reason there is no NFL franchise in Toronto, and there never will be. A city in Canada should never have an NFL team and I hope they never do. I hate the CFL and would never watch a CFL game, but thats not why a team shouldn’t venture up here. The economics of it would not make sense here. Los Angeles would be my next guess for a city that could do something with an NFL team. Roger Goodell’s dream of growing the game Internationally is just plain wrong. Games in London, Canada, anywhere else he wants to play them just doesn’t work.

      • I don’t think its a matter of people in Canada not wanting the NFL. I think its a matter of people not wanting to pay four times as much as it would cost to see the same losing team a two hour drive down the road, without tailgating. We’re not suckers – at least not all the time.

  9. You realize that the Seahawks have a deeper Canadian fan base than most teams right? Most of the western region with Vancouver and Calgary consider Seahawks as their team.
    Despite all the effort to make it look like it was a Bills game, this matchup was built with Canadian fans in mind.

    • Exactly, the friends I had who went to the game are major Seahawk fans (one was from BC). The game was scheduled to get people to come out and support either team, not be competitive.

      • It’s not exactly a short trek from BC to Ontario — how many people made the same trip as your friend? The prior four games in Toronto weren’t scheduled with ‘support’ in mind. Your comment reminds me of Dick Stockton’s ridiculous claim during the game. Maps are our friend.

        • Bills fandom in Southern Ontario is overrated. We’re forced by geography, to watch the Bills every Sunday. The NFL does have good support here in Canada, but games at the Rogers Centre will always have divided fan support. Making the Toronto games more like the London games would be a better idea. Give us more diversity than the Bills and you will see some passionate fans. I have met many on Travels to the US and other destinations and met up with them at other NFL venues. We can cheer, and taunt and boo just like any other fans.

  10. Just wanted to post and get you yet another viewer/commentator.

    Fuck Chan Gailey
    Fuck Buddy Nix
    Fuck Russ Brandon
    Fuck Ralph Wilson
    Fuck it all

    Enjoy L.A., assholes

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