There are times on weekends when I’m permitted to do things that don’t involve the Internet in any capacity. Strange, yes, but usually that sickness lasts for an hour or so tops. Don’t worry.

I assume you’re often stricken with the same illness too as you pursue your hobby of having a “life” and doing “things.” The result is that sometimes there are important and delicious bread crumbs of fantasy football knowledge and comments from coaches, players, etc. that tumble through the wickets on Saturday, the day of rest. So if you had already heard/read the quite vital comment from one Andy Reid below regarding his backfield going forward, please indulge me briefly. Never fear, we’ll resume lamenting about the failed fantasy Sunday that was shortly.

It’s still unclear if LeSean McCoy will be permitted to participate in the Eagles’ Week 16 game against the Redskins, though reports prior to their last game sounded encouraging, and had it not been on a Thursday he may have had a chance to play. He’ll likely visit an independent neurologist Tuesday to seek clearance, and if he does indeed get said clearance, you have a bit of a problem.

That’s because if you’re a McCoy owner, there’s a pretty good chance you’re also a Bryce Brown owner. If McCoy returns those two will likely be tied to a time share throughout the remainder of the season, which will minimize the value and production of both backs.

Yeah, we expected this, and very much knew it was coming. But the gut punch is still painful.

Give us your worst, Philadelphia Daily News:

McCoy, 24, is a huge part of the Eagles’ future. How much do you risk in two meaningless end-of-season games? People did buy tickets. Reid seemed to be indicating Friday that 21-year-old rookie Bryce Brown won’t simply go back to the bench if McCoy returns; Brown, who barely played in college, is a raw talent who needs game action.

“He needs to play. That’s why I haven’t sat him down because of the fumbles,” Reid said of Brown, responsible for four turnovers in four starts. “I felt like he did miss a lot, he missed a lot of football. The thing he needs most is to be out there and playing and learning the game. He’s wired the right way. This is a kid who doesn’t want to make mistakes and drop the ball and that stuff. He’s a responsible kid.”

Until he’s fired — which seems inevitable — Reid is still the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. And in that position in which he’s currently at the helm of a losing team that’s playing two more meaningless games, he’s tasked with doing what’s in the best long-term interests of the franchise. Right now, that most likely means playing a highly talented but still extremely raw rookie who needs to develop through game action, while also protecting a vital player who’s recovering from an injury.

Reid cares not for your fantasy team, and your need to have a clear-cut starter in his backfield as we quickly steam towards fantasy championship weekend. For obvious reasons, you’re not keen on starting Brown in any capacity, but if you’re a McCoy owner you’ve been forced to do that since he’s a handcuff. But what if McCoy returns this week? What the hell should you do then?

We’ll surely debate that question all week as we receive some clarity regarding McCoy’s status. For now, my initial reaction is that if both are set to play and you can only start one, go with McCoy, but maybe only as a flex play.

Ask yourself: if both Brown and McCoy receive 10-12 touches, who do you trust more during the most important weekend of the fantasy season?