Stop smiling.

Every week there are booms, and every week there are busts. Every week there are noted, well-known studs who drastically under perform, and every week there are nobodies who very briefly become somebodies.

Those are fundamental — and often frustrating — facts of fantasy football, and admittedly we could probably do the exercise below nearly every week. But this week isn’t like every week: it’s semi final week, dammit, meaning the pain induced by struggling studs has been increased ten-fold.

Maybe this was just the bias of perception with the importance of every point in Week 15 multiplied, but it seemed like there were far more fantasy sucker punches this week than usual. We can haggle over whether or not Bryce Brown and Danario Alexander are worthy of inclusion, but in recent weeks they had posted high-level production. This week? No.

So let’s have a good, healthy cry together, and remember these nine men as the fantasy jerks who ended your season.

(Brown’s fantasy point average was measured using his three starts prior to this week)

Player Week 15 stats Week 15 fantasy points Average weekly points prior to Week 15
Danario Alexander zero everything (well, almost…3 targets) 0 11.9
Victor Cruz 3 receptions for 15 yards 1 11.4
Reggie Wayne 3 receptions for 14 yards 1 10.7
Doug Martin 16 rushing yards, 19 receiving yards 2 16.5
Eli Manning 161 passing yards, 2 INTs 2 14.2
Jamaal Charles 10 rushing yards, 18 receiving yards 2 12.2
Matthew Stafford 249 passing yards, 3 INTs 3 17.6
Ray Rice 38 rushing yards, 3 receiving yards 3 14.1
Bryce Brown 34 rushing yards, 11 receiving yards 4 17.6
Demaryius Thomas 4 receptions for 13 yards 8 12

There, wasn’t that a cleansing experience? Again, maybe we can cast aside Alexander and Brown since they’re far less trusted and established, although Alexander had averaged 98.8 receiving yards per game over the last five weeks.

But I’m not sure that we’ll ever match the anguish brought on by Cruz, Wayne, Manning, and Charles. Did I miss anyone who cost you money? Consider this your therapy session. It’s free, and fulfilling (?). Vent away, friends.