Earlier today we told you that although Robert Griffin III will surely progress this week since it’s a known scientific fact that the human body heals itself over time, his knee likely still won’t be fully healed before the Redskins’ Week 16 game against the Eagles.

Now it seems that could be horrifically awful news. Why? Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan said that his quarterback won’t start again until he’s 100 percent healed, according to The Associated Press.

Alright, so there are your daily RG3 words of terror.

But here’s the much more pleasant news. Contrary to my speculation earlier, Shanny said he won’t opt to rest Griffin and start Kirk Cousins again merely because the backup impressed with his performance during yesterday’s win over the Browns, giving the team an opportunity to rest their regular starter during a favorable matchup prior to a Week 17 divisional showdown against the Cowboys.

From the AP:

Shanahan said the performance won’t tempt him to start Cousins again just to give Griffin extra time to rest the knee. Said Shanahan: “If the doctor gives his OK, he’s going to play.”

Cool. I guess all Griffin’s owners need to do now is ensure that their quarterback gets his final examination from Dr. Nick.