By now the bitter taste created by the Bills capitulation in Toronto has subsided for fans of the team that finds new ways to disappoint each week. The players, however, remain angry.

Eric Wood is good. Leading by example — not sucking, basically — is what the best offensive linemen in the league do. Unfortunately Wood’s injury problems over the last few years have mirrored the Bills struggles with staying healthy as a whole. The Louisville alum has missed the past two games with a torn MCL. There’s no reason to rush him back to play in two more meaningless games.

Though he didn’t suit up against the Seahawks, Wood isn’t happy with the Bills in Toronto series. Wood took to 97 Rock — providing all your classic rawk needs in the Western New York area — to air his grievances.

Via the Buffalo News’ Tim Graham:

“You’re making a team from out west travel, and then you give them the comfort a dome, and you don’t make them play in our stadium,” Wood said. “We have no home-field advantage allowed. We travel, too. I just think it’s a joke. “And it’s a bad atmosphere for football. I mean, nobody wants to play there. I guess for opposing teams it beats the hell out of going in somebody else’s stadium and dealing with a bunch of crowd noise.

DJ Jickster gets all the hard hitting quotes. Nothing Wood said was wrong, it’s also nice to see some fire — but the awfulness of this series is the product of more than just the tranquil atmosphere at the Rogers Centre. Save a victory against Washington last year, the Bills have saved their most craptacular performances for Toronto.

The original five-year deal expires this season, though reports of a five year extension appeared in May. “I don’t think it’s turned out they way we wanted, and I hope we don’t renew it. That sucked.”

The goalie from the Big Green is right.

And now the links part of the links post…

  • Calvin Johnson is getting more attention from opposing defences according to Jim Schwartz. Fortunately for his owners that doesn’t seem to matter — Megatron tied the NFL record with his seventh straight 100-yard game. [Detroit Free Press]
  • The Broncos would’ve drafted Brandon Weeden if they didn’t sign Peyton Manning. Let that sink in Broncos fans. []
  • The Titans plan on keeping Chris Johnson in 2013, paying him $10 million and hoping CJ2K can some semblance of consistency after an up and down year. [PFT]
  • Fumbilitis concerns aside, the Patriots will stick with Stevan Ridley according to the Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian. [Boston Herald]
  • Mike Mayock does a 180 on his assessment of Nick Foles. []
  • Despite having a horrible Quarterback throwing to him, Stevie Johnson is closing in on another 1,000 yard season. []

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  1. how about he shuts his mouth and realizes half of Buffalo Bills season ticket holders are from Toronto. Keep bashing our city and your salary wont be paid by the fans you meat head.

    • You know what else sucks? The Bills.

    • 1/2 of the ticket holders are from Toronto…NO WAY….Canadians who go to Bills games are from Hamilton W….might be 3 to 5,000 Bills Game at the most….90 to 120 minute drive….
      Bills Series in Toronto is going to be stopped….G/M made comments at the end of the season this was going to be reviewed…not getting revenues they thought they’d get….
      < 40,000 at the last 2 games….games are too close to Christmas…U students have exams…limited parking down town when the Raptors are planning @ 1 pm..same day….
      steve m

  2. Rob, Canadians who go to Bills games are from Hamilton, St. Kitss, the Falls, Oakville, Welland, Fort Erie. He’s not bashing the city, he’s pissed that the Bills have 9 road games and 7 home games..shit if I was him, I’d be pissed too. They are at a significant disadvantage compared to other teams. As Tomlinson said, Wood has said nothing wrong. He isn’t the meat head…you are.

    • Not Tomlinson, but yea, you’re mostly right.

    • I go to Bills games and im from Toronto. So dont say the only Canadians who go are from those areas because that holds no water. I have plenty of friends that are also season tickey holders from Toronto. And tough shit if they have more road games then home games. If its the same people attending the game in Toronto or Buffalo as you just stated those specific areas why does it matter if its Ralph or the Dome? The fact is no one goes to the games anyways in Buffalo but they sell out every game here in Toronto hence why i stated we the Toronto fans pay some of his salary. Thanks for trying though….meathead

      • sellout…bullshit there are a tonne of free tickets given out by bars, restaurants and the beer company. The place is not a good atmosphere for an NFL game unfortunatly(sp). If you go to games at both it should be fairly obvious that the Bills don’t enjoy the same homefield advantage up here as the do at the Ralph. Besides The Bills average attendance figures are more the the Dome holds and rank 18 out of 32 teams.

        • and if you put a team in toronto, and not play at rogers center, because they are converting it to grass for the jays, by 2015 anyway with no football, toronto would be a great city for a team… a place where people could get excited, and not just drink american watered down beer in a cold ghetto like buffalo…. the real problem is that they should be playing all 8 of their home games in toronto not just one

        • except average ticket in buffalo is about 50$ toronto is $175…… 52000 x 175 or 50 x 60000, if they sold out 75000 which they dont…………… they would make 4 times as much money in toronto and the fans with a whole lot more money then the fans in buffalo would spend it on food, drink and merchandise and make 10-15 times the profit as the bills and giving its players a nice place to live and sleep.

        • 1 game that ever sold out….Washington….tried everything…putting game at night….
          4 pm not good…CBS does not want this game….let Fox have game years ago…Fox does not want it either….Series should not have been renewed….dumb move by Rogers….good at that with the Paki as President….

    • an hour shot down the QEW is not a away game, most players travel from farther then that to their own home games……Hamilton, the falls, st kitts and the other shitholes you named could never afford a professional sports team EVER PERIOD… you have officially made a complete fool out of yourself, as has this fat ass babyfaced little bitch is complaining about a city that is the polar opposite of his own poverty stricken run down american city

  3. haha sorry about that Devang

  4. I love the excuses these idiots come up with, the real answer is they just played bad ball. As we’ve seen this season the Bills are not immune from getting blown out in Buffalo when they play there. The fact is the Seahawks are a good team, the Bills suck and really, they were in it until Fitz-suck-trick (see what I did there?) threw a pick-6 while marching and only down by 14.

    • Lol, excluding the Pats’ game (the team who blew them out at home) the Bills are 3-2 at RWS against teams with a combined 25-44-1 record. No shock they got killed by the red hot Seahawks.

  5. Sick of hearing the bitching about coming to TO. Ralph Wilson is a dump, surrounded by a dump, in the centre of another, much larger DUMP. This franchise hasn’t put a quality product on the field for years, with no signs of improving. Buffalo sucks the talent out of people, they lose motivation, and look for reasons that the ship is sinking, or has already sunk, or has spent the entire time on the ocean floor. The Bills SUCK, and the fact that they’re my most hated sports team makes this whining that much funnier. Travelling to TO has nothing to do with the teams complete lack of success. It’s the team. It’s the players. It’s the coaches. The problem is, and has always been, and will always be, the BILLS. If this overgrown Screech (saved by the bell) wants to win, GET TRADED. The Bills are steeped in failure, it’s who they are

  6. Last year the Bills beat the Redskins 23-0 in the same atmosphere at Rogers Centre Toronto that they lost last Sunday 50-17 to the Seahawks. The 12th man had nothing to do with it. Why didn’t the 12th man save the game for the Bills against the Rams at the Ralph 10 days ago? The Bills loss to the Hawks was due to poor play calling and execution. Early in the game, the Bills could not compete against the Hawks. What should have been a close game quickly turned into a rout. Eric Wood and his teammates should only blame themselves and quit looking for excuses. Despite the team’s lousy play, I was surrounded by Bills fans having a great time, warm & dry in the Rogers Centre, not cold & wet at the Ralph.

  7. People are saying about the 9 road games and 7 home games what about the teams that play 1 game in England you don’t hear them complain about it being a road game suck it up and learn how to play football

  8. The fat kid from Bad Santa is right! What a terrible idea. For football, this is CFL country. The NFL may be a big deal in the US, but north of the 49th parallel not nearly as many people care about it.

  9. Eric Wood is a big, fat curly-headed fuck!

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