Owners of the Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw can remain frustrated with the former 2007 seventh round draft pick, after the running back once again was absent from practice with a knee injury. Bradshaw indicated he still hopes to play Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, but the final decision will be made by doctors, and not coach Tom Coughlin.

Coughlin updated Bradshaw’s status (from the Daily News)

“We’d all love to have him play, but it’s going to be a medical decision, it’s not going to be mine. I think if the doctors feel that he can play without hurting himself, then I think that very well might be the case. If the doctors don’t feel that that’s possible then they’ll make the decision.”

“When he plays, he plays with fire he plays with determination, he’s focused, he’s extremely physical. He takes great pride in defying what anyone says he can’t do. And he is someone on the sideline that’s not very patient and is not afraid to make a few comments about it.”

With the chances of Bradshaw playing Sunday against Baltimore looking slim, it’s fair to assume another start is on the horizon for David Wilson.

Which David Wilson we see on Sunday is a whole different story, after a rough fantasy outing for owners last week. After posting a 13 carry, 100 yard, two touchdown performance against the Saints in Week 14, Wilson followed it up with an awful 12 carry, 55 yard, no touchdown game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Don’t be fooled though. The Baltimore Ravens allow 132.2 yards per game on the ground, so starting Wilson is a must with or without Bradshaw.