There’s something so immensely sad about the Jets’ quarterback situation.

No, I’m not referring just to the fact that Greg McElroy — the same Greg McElroy who has attempted seven career passes, and was inactive for much of this season — will start at least one meaningful football game this year, and likely two. Of course, “meaningful” is used pretty liberally in that sentence, as the Jets’ remaining two games are only meaningful in the sense that they are indeed regular-season games.

No, I’m not referring just to the Mark Sanchez clustostraphe. It’s a mess that in truth started last spring when it was determined by general manager Mike Tannenbaum that handing a contract which includes $8.25 million in guaranteed money next year to a quarterback who has never completed 60 percent of his passes in a season was wise. The desire to keep Sanchez on board and to continue the salvage effort with a fifth overall pick was understandable, but the monetary value was not.

And no, I’m not referring just to the equally mind-numbing Tim Tebow acquisition. I’ve voiced and will continue to voice my anti-Tebow stance, and his many blind followers will scream their rebuttals. That’s a conversation for another time, but what’s not debatable is this: giving up two draft picks (including a fourth rounder) for a quarterback who’s then completely bypassed when it’s finally determined that your starter isn’t a starter at all is management dysfunction in its highest form.

Here’s the most troubling and telling fact, though. Late last night multiple reports indicated that the Jets will possibly look to part with Tebow and Sanchez, exploring trades involving both quarterbacks. Let this question linger for a second: who has more trade value? The answer is neither, as both have none. And that’s sad.

The demise of Tebow will almost surely come in the form of a release, and then despite the fact that he was deemed worse than Sanchez and McElroy, he’ll still be given a chance somewhere. But I challenge you to name a single NFL outpost where he’ll have a legitimate opportunity to start.

Your first reaction is to say Jacksonville, and sadly, you’re probably right. But that will have little to do with football, and everything to do with getting butts in seats to watch crappy football. If the Jags are ready to jettison Blaine Gabbert and give up on a first-round pick, then the wise move would be to re-up with Maurice Jones-Drew, and let Chad Henne babysit an offense that includes him, and a solid core of receivers. Henne’s proven to be more than capable this year, and infinitely better than Tebow.

But hey, at least Tebow has that whole running quarterback bit going for him. That’s his lone appeal, and we saw last year that if he’s supported by a great defense, and if he’s supported by a great running back, and if he’s supported by a team that wants to build an entire offense around him, there’s an opportunity for success. What, exactly, does Sanchez have? What’s his selling point on the trade market?

He has his bad decisions, and his forced passes. He has his underthrows, and his butt fumble. And he has his lingering inaccuracy, and his status as a colossal first-round bust.

He has nothing, and now so do the Jets at quarterback.

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