Hello there, and welcome to our daily Robert Griffin III injury update which we’re now bound by a blood contract to provide. I’ll be your host. No, this isn’t the old Merv Griffin set.

You were given a reason to eat all of those gingerbread cookies that you’re significant other baked for the family Christmas party yesterday when Griffin did much more than just participate in practice, as he went “full speed.” Eating things when you’re happy is the quickest way to become unhappy. But YOLO.

There was still some fear that after he tested his knee and did very Robert Griffin III-type things in practice — running, throwing while running, cutting and running and then throwing, more running — that the injury may not respond well. Welp, we can now let that fear die a glorious death.

Rich Campbell’s report from today’s practice looked a lot like his report from yesterday’s practice:

Griffin, during the brief period of practice open to media practiced handoffs, planted on his injured right leg and threw a variety of passes, as he did last Wednesday and last week.

So he’s now practiced fully for two straight days, and based on the media observations he’s looked like the same quarterback who’s been the subject of rampant man crushing this year. Yesterday Jene Bramel essentially told us that today was a crucial day, as Griffin needed to prove that even if his knee isn’t fully healed it can still sustain the pounding of increased movement. Most importantly, he also needed to show that he’s mobile enough to protect himself and the injury.

That’s all happened. Although we hesitate to cause unnecessary anguish and make a definitive statement when there’s none to make yet until head coach Mike Shanahan officially announces that Griffin is active (even though yesterday he said RG3 will play “barring any setbacks“), we’re at the point now where anything less would be shocking.

Your QB1 will return for championship week, and he’ll be doing it against an Eagles defense that he torched for 200 passing yards, four passing TDs, and 84 rushing yards in Week 11. That adds up to 32 fantasy points, his second-highest total of the season.