Much of what’s written here doesn’t apply to Ahmad Bradshaw owners who are also David Wilson owners, and I suspect/assume that’s many of you. When Bradshaw experienced his latest body breaking two weeks ago his owners promptly made a waiver claim on Wilson if he wasn’t already on their roster, giving you a reliable handcuff.

But what if that doesn’t apply to you? There were likely just as many of you who own Bradshaw, but you were beaten to Wilson on the wire after his stock rose swiftly following Week 14 when he had 327 all-purpose yards, establishing a new Giants record. If that does indeed describe you, then there’s a strong possibility that Bradshaw could be at the center of a decision that will determine — or at least dramatically impact — the outcome of your fantasy championship.

No pressure.

We’ll likely get a more specific read on Bradshaw’s injury status a little later on this afternoon or over the weekend, in which case this post will be updated. But for now we know that he practiced today, which is highly encouraging, and it indicates that he’s making significant progress with his knee after sitting out the past two days, and last week’s game.

So he’ll likely head into the weekend with the questionable tag, and also another far more dreaded label: game-time decision. Often that sounds more scary than what it really is, and it usually only requires close monitoring of the inactives when they’re announced around 11:30 a.m. ET Sunday morning. Of course, that only applies if the player in question is playing in one of the early Sunday afternoon games. Yeah, you see where this is headed.

The Giants-Ravens game is one of only three in the late block of Sunday afternoon Week 16 games, mostly because our fantasy overlords need one final hearty cackle before the season concludes, and they wouldn’t let Bradshaw play in one of the 11 games at 1 p.m.

That means unless we hear something that’s distinctly definitive regarding his playing status (which seems unlikely), you’ll have to make a call on Bradshaw before the early games, as most of your backup options will be burned before the Giants’ 4:25 p.m. ET kickoff. It’s an extremely tough decision from any angle, but it’s arguably worse for those who own both Bradshaw and Wilson. If we hypothetically assume that Bradshaw plays, then he’ll be on the high end of a time share, which downgrades Wilson to a flex play.

My gut has led me astray many times, most notably during shrimpfest and Red Lobster, when 13 plates wasn’t enough (never forget). But this time as we sit here right now it’s telling me that if you’re choosing between the two, Bradshaw is your RB2, and Wilson can sit down. If it’s just Wilson you’re dealing with, then he is indeed a flex play, and if it’s just Bradshaw, I’d take the conservative route and sit him down.

Stay safe out there.