The daytime programming of this final Sunday in the fantasy football calendar for most of you featured a late-afternoon slate of three games that were, in a word, the worst.

Yes, that was two words. Whatever. Everything that’s wrong everywhere is Eli Manning’s fault right now.

Go to hell, Eli Manning

Eli Manning stole from me tonight. He ripped money straight from my pocket, because he’s a horrible person.

My anger will pass soon, as will yours. I was only playing in a third-place game that was still worth several pennies, so I can only imagine the rage running through those who were relying on Pey Pey’s little bro to win them a championship.

A week after he had only two fantasy points against the Falcons, Manning was still dramatically insufficient, as he needed a garbage-time touchdown to save himself from a five-point day. He finished with only 150 passing yards, meaning Manning ended the fantasy season over the past two weeks with 311 yards.

But really, while your anger is fresh and understandable much like mine, when it subsides we’ll all realize that Manning is who we thought he would be: the union leader of fantasy’s muddle middle tier of quarterbacks.

What is a Bernard Pierce, and how does he work?

The fantasy implications here are minimal, aside from knowing that next year if Ray Rice goes down, he has a high-end handcuff. But when the Ravens-Giants game began to get out of hand, backup Ravens running back Bernard Pierce received some charity touches. And when that happened, he finished with 132 rushing yards on 14 carries, an average of 8.8 yards per carry fueled by a 78-yard run. Prior to tonight pierce was averaging just 22.9 yards per game.

Remember thy name, dynasty leaguers.

Larry Fitzgerald gives us the gift of faith

Can we all chip in to buy Larry Fitzgerald a quarterback this offseason? I’m down for $5.

Today during the Cardinals’ loss to Chicago Fitz reminded us of what he used to do when he received accurate footballs thrown in his direction, many of which were tossed by Bryan Hoyer. Fitzgerald had 111 yards on eight catches today, which is more yardage than his previous five games…combined.

Jokes aside, it’s depressing how much Fitzgerald was drained of his fantasy potential this year by the revolving insult to quarterback play in Arizona between John Skelton and Ryan Lindley. When we’re praying for Kevin Kolb’s health, you know something in the universe is amiss.

Fitzgerald will turn 29 just days before the 2013 season kicks off, so he’s slowly edging towards an age when the longevity of his career comes into serious question. It’s a safe and logical assumption that the Cards will do everything in their power this offseason to improve their current comedic situation at the most important offensive position. That may mean spending an early-round pick on a QB (good luck, Matt Barkley), or aggressively pursuing one of the veterans who are widely expected to be available once the trade market opens. Alex Smith would be a nice fit, or hell, even Mark Sanchez would be an upgrade at this point.

Yeah, I just wrote that. I feel dirty now.