Update (3:35 p.m. ET): Maybe there’s an explanation for all of this, as Foster left the game and went to the locker room due to an illness. Still, it’s quite clear that the Mayans have formed some kind of a pact with the fantasy gods.

As I’m writing these words there are Arian Foster owners who are drinking all of the scotch which had been laid out with care as part of delightful Christmas Eve spreads prior to festive gatherings tomorrow night.

That’s what 12 rushing yards on eight first-half carries will do to a man. Yes, that’s Foster’s first half total. No, it’s not a typo.

Expecting your studs to explode absolutely every week is one of the most foolish assumptions a fantasy manager can make. The moment you draft your collection of fake players, you’re aware that booming and busting will follow, and that doesn’t change just because it’s fantasy championship weekend. But this is…well, it’s the worst fantasy pain you could ever imagine.

What makes it especially horrific is that one of Foster’s carries went for eight yards, meaning that he had a combined four yards on the other seven, production that’s far below even mediocre against a good, but still very middle of the pack-ish Vikings run defense (they came into today ranked 13th against the run).

The pain here is immense firstly because although Foster has struggled and plodded a bit of late while logging two games with less than 50 rushing yards over the past three weeks, we thought the fears that he’d been impaled on a late-season wall due to his high volume of carries had been erased in Week 15 with his 165 yards against Indianapolis.

But more importantly, Foster’s owners who are playing for the right to tell Uncle Leo that he sucks for the next eight months are watching their first overall pick historically flounder during the fantasy Super Bowl.

Godspeed in the second half, everyone. And as always, stay safe out there.