The Jets are re-defining ass hattery.

Conventional NFL wisdom says that teams which are out of the playoffs and have nothing to play for in Week 17 do one of two simple things (and often both):

1. Reach for some desperate form of positivity, and close the year out with even a shred of momentum. The season is already lost, but why not enter the long offseason with something — anything — to build on?

2. Experiment with some young, inexperienced players who may or may not have a job on your roster next year.

The Jets will do neither, while likely bracing for more crushing despair. Never change.

Greg McElroy suffered a concussion last week, meaning someone else would have to go through the agony of starting at quarterback for the Jets during their season finale against the Bills. Jets logic of course dictated that in a meaningless game in which they would have nothing to lose by giving the Tim Tebow experiment a spin, Mark Sanchez is starting, an announcement officially made today.

There should be no surprise whatsoever here, and really, that speaks to how much the Jets have mismanaged their quarterback situation. I’ve repeatedly voiced my anti-Tebow stance, and I’ll surely do that many more times since I enjoy pageviews (hey, honesty), and for some reason you still enjoy caring about Tebow, and getting mad about Tebow. However, opinions of Tebow and his future are irrelevant in this conversation, because what matters is that the Jets gave up a package that included a fourth-round pick to acquire his services, and yet now still despite Sanchez’s colossal failures he can’t even get an opportunity to start in a game that’s devoid of any meaning whatsoever.

This has advanced to the point where we can either assume Tebow really has been THAT atrocious in practice and therefore he doesn’t have any future whatsoever as an NFL starter (shocking, yes), or that Rex Ryan is a woefully incompetent rube.


This also further cements the Bills defense as the one of the top streaming options for those looking to seal a fantasy championship in Week 17.

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  1. Its simple, Rex Ryan hates Christians. He despise Tebow in every single way. From the way he chooses to live his life, to the way he plays football, to the Lord that he worships.

    Hopefully the Tebow magic finds another team next season cuz this was a complete farce from the beginning, no thanks to the Ryan & Spirano, 2 fools that they are.

    • ^ Agreed. The Jets brought him in for one reason only, and that was to create a buzz within the ny sports market the way Lin did. Sell jerseys, create controversy, basically be on sportscenter every sunday and have Rex Ryan’s face plastered all over it. They never had any intention of playing him.
      Just watching their hbo show, rex ryan and that team is everything tebow isn’t. I think rex is embarrased to play him and be associated with him. For this reason, they are going out of their way to put him down, disrespect and make it known that even a terrible sanchez seems better to them.
      I get the feeling john fox and those guys felt the same way out in denver, however, once he started winning they had no choice to play him. Manning was the only way denver could escape tebow without killing themselves publically.

      • Pete, I can’t tell if you’re being serious (I suspect you are), but I highly doubt that religion has played any factor whatsoever. It’s Rex Ryan’s job to win football games, and if it was determined in training camp that Tebow gave him the best opportunity to do that, then he’d be the starter.

        Tebow’s religious beliefs are drastically overplayed. They have no connection to football.

  2. You would think normally Tebow would normally just based on the idea of drumming up trade interest, but maybe because Tebow is pretty much a lock in Jacksonville next year rex is giving Sanchez the chance to play against an inconsistent Bills defense to try and win some Sanchez fans back….maybe haha.

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