Say, have I mentioned yet that playing fantasy football in Week 17 is an awful idea? What? I’ve written that in every post so far today?

While I realize that for the truly addicted watching fantasy season end is akin to knowing that you won’t see your best friend again for five years while he takes little more than a jar of peanut butter to “find himself” in Malaysia, it’s better to just let go. Be Rose on the Titantic, and watch as Week 17 falls to its icy death. If you truly, really need to scratch that fantasy football itch, start investing time and energy into next year. Hey, it’s never too early, and while we’ll turn our attention to the real-life playoffs around here over the next month, plenty of 2013 projections and 2012 lamenting will still appear on this web blog. I don’t really know what a “life” is either, so don’t worry.

We’ve already told you about the difficulties of meaningless or nearly meaningless games, and the tough roster decisions that follow for those of you whose obsession has necessitated a Week 17 championship. But below among the notable early game actives/inactives you’ll see that the final-week abyss has engulfed one of your depth options too.


Trent Richardson (ankle): No surprise here, as Richardson was ruled out yesterday. To those relying on Montario Hardesty…yeah, there are no words for that. Just sincere regret.

Montell Owens (knee): Richardson owners may have turned to Owens, which is why in one last act of fury the fantasy gods used their wizardry to ensure that he would tweak his knee in warm ups today and be ruled out. Just so Week 17.

Anquan Boldin (Week 17): The often banged and battered Boldin is being rested in a game that has only minimal meaning for the Ravens. It’s growing increasingly likely that Joe Flacco, Torrey Smith, and Ray Rice (see below) will see very limited action too.

Brian Urlacher (hamstring): The middle linebacker was only able to practice on a limited basis this week, and he’ll sit out during a mist-win game for the Bears.


Ray Rice (hip/Week 17): Rice is somewhat surprisingly active after widespread reports earlier this morning that he would sit out. However, he still can’t be started in any format since ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that much like Flacco and Smith, he’ll only play a “series or two“. If you’re starting a Ravens running back, it should be Bernard Pierce.

Brandon Pettigrew (ankle): Despite being listed as doubtful, Pettigrew will play. His snaps could be limited, though, so you should still look elsewhere.

Matt Forte (ankle): This also isn’t surprising, as Forte practiced throughout much of the week, and his presence is vital in a game where both the Bears’ season and Lovie Smith’s job is on the line.