And likely your player of the week. The concern now from a fantasy perspective is whether or not the Giants have done too much too soon, thereby making Eli Manning useless in the second half. Hell, we may have a David Carr sighting for a full quarter.

While many Week 17 fantasy footballers have felt the pain of owning any meaningful Ravens player, Manning has done nearly all of the scoring for the Giants as they’ve thumped Philadelphia 35-7 in the first half of their must-win game. Of Manning’s 11 completions, four of them have ended in touchdowns. Combine that with his 196 passing yards, and he already has 23 fantasy points in just one half.

Of course he waited to do this until a week after the majority of leagues ended, and now his first half point total is already more fantasy production than all but one his games this season (he had 26 fantasy points in Week 2). He hates you so much.

In reality the Giants’ first half performance won’t matter without a second-half comeback by the Lions. Detroit is down 20-10 to the Bears, one of the two teams New York needs to lose so they can maintain the sliver of playoff hope they have through a wild card berth. In a few hours, we could know that in 2013 a new champion will be crowned.