The best eve of all the eves during the holiday season isn’t Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. It’s Black Monday Eve. No, you’re heartless.

So before we go about the business of reflecting on the ridiculousness that was the Packers-Vikings game and Adrian Peterson falling nine yards short of Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record, let’s pass along two more quick Black Monday notes rapid fire stylez. Because if there’s one thing that keeps me employed in late December and early January, it’s writing about the unemployment of others.

First we check in with Norv Turner, who harbors no delusions whatsoever about his fate that will become reality sometime tomorrow morning.

There will be difficult decisions made throughout the league tomorrow and in the coming weeks (hey Chicago, where you at with the Lovie Smith era?). But this isn’t one of them. Much like the Eagles’ decision with Andy Reid, Turner’s firing is a mere formality.

Ditto for Chan Gailey, or so it seems. After three woeful losing seasons and the 13th straight year without playoff football in Buffalo, Gailey will almost certainly be canned tomorrow, or maybe by the time I finish writing this sentence. Earlier tonight on Football Night in America, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King said he expects Gailey to be gone by Monday.

We’re gonna need some more pink paper.