“Tebow. Tebow. Tebow.”

And with that the clusterfuck that was the Buffalo Bills 2012 season came to an end. Not with a whimper, but a soul crushing finale against the equally pathetic New York Jets.

Before we rehash the horrible game that took place at Orchard Park this afternoon, I’d like to thank Rex Ryan. Thanks for sticking with Mark Sanchez. Thanks for not rewarding the mongrels at the Ralph with an appearance by Tim Tebow. This game was already unwatchable. I’m afraid to think what this would’ve devolved into with that Tivo shilling huckster behind center.

If you’re taken aback by the hate infused remarks above I apologize. In week one the Jets crushed the Bills at home. At that point it was too soon to make a definitive statement on the future of either team. 16 weeks later the sad truth was on display — again. Both of these teams are horribly flawed. The Jets may be worse off in the short term — I don’t see a C.J Spiller/Stevie Johnson on that team.

However it’s the bigger picture that troubles me. The Bills head into another off-season with ‘house cleaning’ on the docket. Chan Gailey is gone — most of his staff will be as well. Buddy Nix appears to have one more chance to make things right.

All of the above doesn’t really matter. The Jets will be fine because their owner is a somewhat competent billionaire with one thing — now that Mitt lost — on his mind. Making his team relevant. The Tebow experiment will go down as a colossal failure. They’ll be fine.

Ralph Wilson’s health remains the biggest key to the Bills future. He attended the team’s holiday party this weekend, but didn’t stick around for the game. Gossip — you never know what you’ll learn at the border — surrounding the team indicates a sale could be on the horizon. Thurman Thomas has been hinting big things are expected in the offseason, he and Jim Kelly are rumored to be involved with a group looking to takeover the team. Please happen. This team will not be relevant for as long as Ralph and his family remains in charge. We owe him for a lot, but the time has come.

6-10. That was my prediction before the start of the year. Gailey ends his tenure with the Bills with a one win and nineteen losses against teams with a winning record. The Bills Defence beat up on another terrible team, their claim to fame in a season where they were gashed repeatedly. Stevie Johnson recorded his third consecutive 1,000 yard season — the first Bills WR to accomplish that feat. C.J Spiller had a season high 24 carries. In the last game of the season. Chan fucking Gailey ladies and gentlemen.

I don’t remember our heyday that well. For Bills fans that do, the heroes of those teams — Talley, Smith, Kelly, Reed, Thomas — remain legends in Western New York. In the years since they’ve voiced their frustration with a franchise that always makes that baffling pick on draft day, a franchise that doesn’t seem to get what it takes to build a winning team.

Change means removing Jeff Littman from his perch at the top of the Bills organizational depth chart. It means using your draft choices wisely instead of making ‘hunch’ picks like Torell Troup in the second round.

It’s unlikely an ownership coup takes place any time soon. So be it. We do off-season dreaming pretty damn well.