Whew, I’m spent. It’s been a long day of being paid to write about people who are no longer getting paid.

So I’m going to sit here and watch these moving pictures for a few hours days, cool? Please, join me. I intend to spend New Year’s Eve watching the monkey ride the dog while herding goats. No, you’re pathetic.

As always, our weekly GIF magic is brought to you by the keen eye of our social media man Scott Johnson, who surely spent at least eight hours watching our monkey and dog tandem.

The Romo of the week

The seizure of the week

This week’s sign of the apocalypse

The near-death experience of the week

The bro fight of the week

The pelvic thrust of the week

The white guy dancing of the week

The…yeah I dunno

The zero shit giving of the week

The exactly to scale replica of Sean Payton’s head of the week

The Sanchez of the week