So, how was your New Year’s Eve? I spent part of my evening stuck in an elevator for over an hour. Yeah, word to the wise: the 3,000 pound max capacity on standard 20-year-old apartment elevators is a filthy lie.

But anywho, we return from a New Year’s Day hiatus to dive right into all of the playoff prognosticating and analyzing and coaching carousel spinning, with the usual sprinkling of fantasy reflecting and forecasting. Which leads to a quick itinerary note for the coming month.

Around these parts we were primarily a web blog for your fantasy concerns during the NFL’s regular season, lamenting and failing in our predictions. Now for at least the next month with the playoffs beginning and the musical coaching chairs rotating, that focus will shift to reality football. But don’t worry, friends, because we know there’s a group of dedicated, die-hard folks who are still passionately devoted to fake football matters even in theses cold, dreary times in January when your losing season is still fresh. So we’ll still keep that angle chugging, starting…now.

Ahmad Bradshaw has been, at best, creaky. He’s missed five games over the past two years, and his three missed games this year led to the emergence of David Wilson. In his limited opportunities Wilson was explosive, averaging five yards per carry overall, highlighted by a Week 13 performance in which he had 100 yards on just 13 carries while scoring two touchdowns on the ground. That game included a 52-yard run as the first-round rookie showed he has tremendous upside, and the potential to make a quick, possibly Doug Martin-esque leap next year if given the opportunity.

And that’s why Bradshaw is uncertain about his future. During what essentially amounted to his exit interview with the New York media, Bradshaw was honest, saying he doesn’t know if he’ll be back next year. He’s under contract, but he’s due to earn $3.75 million, and then $4 million in 2014. Nearly $8 million over two years is a significant sum for an oft-injured player at a position where the life expectancy is short. Sadly, with Bradshaw turning 27 in a few months, he’s already slowly creeping towards old man status as an RB.

If the cold, ruthless hand of the NFL leads to Bradshaw’s exit, Wilson could suddenly have great mid-round value next summer. While his price won’t exactly be cheap, it won’t be overly expensive either, as he clearly isn’t an established commodity yet. The Martin comparison seems apt again here, as he was often a fourth or fifth rounder, yet for much of the season he gave you first-round value.

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