I was going to put one of those yelling, important looking UPDATEs on our earlier Reid post. You know, similar to the one that will surely end up on this post once Andy Reid is officially the Chiefs’ next head coach. But then I thought to myself: self, let’s give the ol’ carousel another spin.

So to review before we get to more quick style review below of the other coach-chasing shenanigans, here’s where we stand with Reid. Jason La Canfora is reporting that a deal between Reid and the Chiefs is pretty much completed, and he even used a big boy word (“imminent“). He expects the deal to be completed by the end of the day, and in one final sign that the beginning of Reid’s Chiefs tenure now seems like a mere formality, La Canfora also noted that he canceled his scheduled trips to Arizona and San Diego.

Earlier I moaned about the fantasy implications of Reid landing in the NFL outpost that quarterbacking forgot, and specifically the impact on Jamaal Charles after LeSean McCoy was often underused over the past two years in Philadelphia. Those concerns are still legitimate, but Yahoo’s Brad Evans passed along an encouraging observation. In 2011 during a healthy season, McCoy averaged 21.4 touches per game, which is slightly below where we’d like him to be (25-ish sounds nice), but it’s still plenty of opportunities for high-level production. That didn’t change much this year, as McCoy averaged 21.1 touches per game.

If Charles touches a football at a similar pace, production will follow, and Reid won’t be a fantasy running back killer. So here’s to hope, kids.

And more hearsay and speculation…

  • The Bills are planning to interview Lovie Smith, which seems like a rare intelligent thought from upstate New York. Having an elite defensive mind who led a ball hawking, turnover-based defense is the right tonic for a passive D that was gashed constantly on the ground this year, giving up 145.8 rushing yards per game. The Bills could escape fantasy pincushion status next year with a Smith hire, which is sad.
  • Arizona has reportedly requested permission to interview Todd Haley, their former offensive coordinator. A fiery dude who enjoys yelling seems like the right guy for a fragile group of quarterbacks if you enjoy mistakes.
  • Ken Whisenhunt has now interviewed with Cleveland, which means Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner are making themselves useful in Arizona while counting down to later tonight when Chip Kelly is freed from his Duck shackles.
  • The Bears have requested an interview with Bruce Arians, and the Chargers reportedly won’t be far behind. Both teams desperately need his offensive mind.
  • To further cement the notion that Chicago is seeking an offensive-minded head coach, Saints OC Pete Carmichael Jr. also sat down with some important-looking men in suits from the Windy City. GM Phil Emery’s net is a wide one, as he’s now been linked to Carmichael,¬†Arians, Mike McCoy, and Bucs offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan among others. Yeah, this could take a while.
  • The McCoy tour will also include meetings with the Bills and Cardinals on Saturday, followed by the Eagles Sunday. No rest for rock star coaches, bro.