Rex Ryan doesn’t care what you think. He doesn’t care what Jets fans think, and he certainly doesn’t care about basic procedure such as meeting with the media within a week after the season ends. The sun is always shining in the Bahamas, and the toes are plentiful.

But we know that he cares about winning, and we know that because despite his posturing and rhetoric, one emotion seems very genuine: his intensity. The dude is crazy, and it gets worse if he doesn’t get a god damn snack.

If his vacation has instilled any intelligence whatsoever, he’ll make an immediate move. He’ll fire Tony Sparano, his current offensive coordinator, and hire Norv turner.

Although reports have percolated for days that Sparano is done in New York after a season of utter incompetence and a failure to effectively install his famous wildcat scheme, a move hasn’t been made yet, and now there are rumors the Jets are interested in Turner. It seems that right now the Jets are stuck, and waiting for…what? The other teams with vacancies are moving quickly, as is the case every January. We’re only three days removed from Black Monday, and already many of the major head coaching candidates have conducted several interviews, with that process expected to accelerate this weekend once Chip Kelly is finally free to make owners swoon. Consequently, if the Jets anticipate having a vacancy at offensive coordinator, swift action is required to fill that spot too.

Swift and Jets football have never been friends.

A Turner-Ryan pairing would be ideal, and a perfect balance of skill sets. Turner has a football mind, and a brilliant one. Give that man paper and pencil (oh, we’re modern now? Alright then, one of this iPad gadgets), and he can re-energize a sputtering offense that averaged only 299.2 total yards per game this year (30th). He’s well known for his success as an OC, most notably back in the early 90′s when Turner held that position on two Cowboys Super Bowl teams.

The Jets have a quarterback who’s regressed to the point that he was benched in favor of Greg McElroy, and if they intend to keep Mark Sanchez around — and it appears they do — his career needs to be saved quickly since he’s due to be paid $8.25 million next year. Ask Troy Aikman about Turner’s quarterback coaching when he’s able to focus on the offense, and only the offense. Before he came aboard in 1991, Aikman had a completion percentage of 56.6, and a passer rating of 66.6. Then in his first year under Turner, that completion percentage jumped to 65.3, with the passer rating rising to 86.7. Aikman’s passing yards per game also increased significantly, from 171.5 to 229.5.

I’m not comparing Sanchez to Aikman in terms of sheer skill, because that would be grounds for an immediate banishment to blogger island (like Temptation Island, only with salted pretzels instead of girls). He’s an example of the kind of leap a quarterback can make under Turner. For Aikman, it was from average young arm to hall of famer. For Sanchez, it could be from nearly out of the league starter to slightly above replacement level. At this point, that alone would be a massive step, and it would mean the Jets could focus on supplying him with more support through the draft and free agency, instead of spending highly on another quarterback.

Is there some dreaming and reaching here? Absolutely. But at this point, the Jets really don’t even have anything to dream or reach with. Turner = hope.

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