Mercifully, finally, it’s over. Hey, remember Monday when Andy Reid was soooo the Cardinals’ next head coach? Keep being you, January.

The Reid to Kansas City chatter has been relentless over the past 48 hours, making it seem as though his hiring was a mere formality. Now ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Reid will remove his abundant body fat from the coaching carousel, and fill the first head coach vacancy of the hiring season. And then there were six.

So now the general manager search begins in KC, a hunt which will be spearheaded by Reid. It’ll be a delicate search too, as the Chiefs need someone they can trust with the first overall pick. Sure, the Colts went through the same search a year ago when they had the top pick and axed Bill Polian, later hiring Ryan Grigson. But really, your pet turtle could have picked Andrew Luck. A lot will change between now and late April, but this year there’s no definitive, elite prospect who’s the no-brainer first overall pick.

Beyond the curiosity over who will be the Chiefs’ next quarterback once Matt Cassel inevitably meets his maker, the fantasy impact of this hire remains centered around Jamaal Charles. Will Reid give Charles the consistent carries he needs and deserves? Or will his workload lag, as LeSean McCoy’s did at times in Philadelphia? We explored those questions yesterday at length, and I’m gradually becoming less concerned.

On an Andy Reid offense, a short pass in space to the running back is often the equivalent of a carry, and in terms of their skill sets and abilities as pass catchers, Charles and McCoy are near clones. There’s increasingly less reason to be concerned, then, because any possible slight fall in Charles’ rushing numbers will be countered by his increased presence in the passing game.