Please, step right up. Yes, come one and come all to the grand Friday blog show, a time when it seems the insanity of the recently concluded holiday season, the warp-speed spinning of the coaching carousel, and the general frenzy of the NFL season have all finally combined to turn the league into a funhouse.

We — and again, by extension the league — have been all business and no play recently. Damn you, coaches and your unemployment. Quickly this morning that’s changed, and we’re supplying you with all of the irreverence. First there was Rex Ryan with a tattoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey, and since we’re talking Jets and Ryan here, it’s only shocking that the tat wasn’t on his pinky toe.

And now suddenly, Ed Werder is a funny man.

It’s assumed at this point that Andy Reid is the Chiefs’ next head coach, although in this hiring period assuming anything can make a fool of a man. Big words like “imminent” are being tossed around, though, so it’s understandable to wonder why the hiring isn’t official yet, and why Reid didn’t just hop on a plane to Kansas City after his interview Wednesday.

Werder has an answer…

Safety first, guys.

UPDATE: Annnnd here’s the video evidence (thanks, Awful Announcing)…