UPDATE (11:00 p.m. ET): Welp, it’s over. According to Adam Schefter, Chip Kelly has picked the team that can best run his offense: the Oregon Ducks. Schefter reports that after considering the Eagles’ opening, he’s decided to return to Oregon. We’ll have more on this tomorrow, and see the original post below for the details that led to Kelly’s decision. Like, say, a strong influence from a rich guy who co-founded a certain clothing company that makes generic athletic apparel. For now, know that Kelly has flirted with the NFL for two straight hiring periods, and in the end the comforts of home won both times. He may never make the jump, because he likely recognizes that his innovative offensive schemes lead to optimal results at the college level, and only the college level.

UPDATE (3:44 p.m. ET): A source tells Newsday’s Bob Glauber that Kelly will likely head back to Oregon. Damn, and I was really hoping he’d resurrect Michael Vick’s career from the depths of hell too.

I know, and I’m sorry. You want to focus on another day of playoff football that’s starting in less than 20 minutes as I write this, and dammit, so do I. To go about that, please get primed with the primers we wrote earlier this week. You’ll enjoy them thoroughly, and if you don’t, shhhhhh.

The reality is that in early January there are pretty important games taking place away from the field too that may determine the future of several franchises. I’m referring to the ever spinning coaching carousel, of course, and now there’s a chance that the heaviest guy (I mean that…figuratively?) on that death contraption may hop off, and go home.

Chip Kelly is the rock star of this head coach hiring season, and Friday there were reports that he was oh so close to a deal with Cleveland to be the Browns’ next head coach after a seven-hour interview. But he left that interview as still the head coach of the Oregon Ducks, and he’s since talked to the Eagles as those two franchise square off, with Joe Banner and Jeffrey Lurie two of the leading duelers.

Now multiple reports are indicating that the Browns have ended their pursuit of Kelly, and they’ll “reboot” their search. As is the case with any words said by anyone of importance in January (or late April during the draft silly season), that could be truth, or it could be dirty, blatant posturing.

But if we assume there’s some truth somewhere in that statement, then it seems for Kelly it’s down to this: work for Lurie, or Phil Knight.

The Bills weren’t serious contenders in the Kelly sweepstakes anyway, and they officially backed out early this morning by hiring former Syracuse HC Doug Marrone. So it’s possible that Philadelphia is the only remaining serious contender. Well, in the NFL that is.

Kelly is being lured back to Oregan by a booster who owns a rather successful clothing company. You may know it as the company that told us to do something for a really long time, though we were never sure what that something is, and I’m still lost.

Knight, the co-founder and chairman of Nike, is reportedly making a strong push to keep Kelly as the Ducks’ head coach. And when a rich dude pushes anything, money is usually involved.