Seconds after I wondered why the hell Mike Shanahan is leaving Robert Griffin III in the game since he was clearly hobbled and ineffective, and unable to do anything that’s made him an offensive rookie of the year candidate, this happened…

It gets worse from this angle…

Oh, you just ate dinner? My bad.

This is all a result of ignorance by Mike Shanahan, and an offshoot of a football culture which looks upon those who play hurt to the point that being carried off the field isn’t just a dumb clichè as heroes. It was abundantly obvious that Griffin was hobbled beyond merely not being able to run, and shift, and cut. He couldn’t protect himself, and the final blow came on the simple act of trying to stop abruptly and pick up a loose ball.

But hey, tough guys tough stuff out, man.

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  1. Time to rest in the offseason. The Resdskins had to ride what got them there.

    • I hate this line of thinking, but maybe there would be a place for it if RG3′s backup was, say, Joe Webb or someone of similar stink. But Kirk Cousins has shown he’s more than capable.

      Keeping Griffin out there was senseless, and simply stupid.

    • This assumes that he hasn’t done the kind of damage that will prevent him ever playing to the same level in future. Leaving him in-when obviously hurt-in the hopes that he can complete some hollywoodesque comeback is pretty stupid when weighed against the future value to the franchise.

    • You are more susceptible to a serious injury when your knee is already hurt. Plus that knee brace is useless, and fitting way too low.

  2. who is behind destroying RG3′s meteoric ride ? Did he inadvertently rise too high too fast for the powers that be? Isn’t this the same illogical push against a player that represents honor and strong values as we have watched all season against Tebow?

    • Ummm yeah, let’s not get carried away with the Tebow name drops. There’s no conspiracy here, just Mike Shanahan stupidity.

  3. @Sean
    No conspiracy in play, just a similar mindset.

    • Sure, but there’s no mindset from anyone that’s destroying RG3. Again, just Shanahan.

      His “meteoric ride” wasn’t destroyed at all. He had an injury that rendered him ineffective in one game. Unfortunately, it was a playoff game.

  4. He was clearly injured after the first quarter, pretty selfish to stay in the game that long.

    • Selfish? Player wanting to leave it all out on the field and play at less than 100% is not being selfish, it’s called toughness. Your comment is erroneous: I bet you were one of the clowns who was slamming Jay Cutler for not “wanting to play” after spraining his MCL. Double standard on this issue is unbelievable. You know who was selfish? Mike Shanahan. This is a fire-able offense IMO. If RG3 sustained a serious injury tonight (torn ACL), Mike should get fired. Can’t leave your franchise QB out there especially since he was not 100% at the beginning of the night, aggravated his injury again early in the ball game, and WHY THE FUCK did you draft Kirk Cousins if you aren’t going to play him when RG3 is limping on the field…

      • I won’t go so far as to say that Shanahan should be fired, but other than that I agree. It should never, ever be the player’s call as to whether or not he stays in a game.

      • There is a difference between toughness and stupidity. Playing through a serious knee injury may seem “tough” but is plain stupid, especially as a dynamic quarterback. He put his career and team in jeopardy, coming from huge RG3 fan. I don’t know why you assume I felt that way about Jay Cutler, that was a nice straw-man argument.

  5. I agree with you 100%, Sean. This military-styled mindset of being tough to the point of body failure makes no sense to me. Shanahan should’ve sat RG3 down after his first knee tweak, especially with the field being in such shoddy condition. Yeah, there’s no guarantee Kirk Cousins comes in and leads the team to victory but that wasn’t a completely healthy RG3 out there. Shanahan should’ve done what a boxing ref does after someone hits the canvas. Look him over, see he couldn’t do what the team needed him to do and sit him down and thank him for everything he’s given to the Redskins for the season…

  6. I hope for many HEALTHY seasons to come, it certainly would make for a more exciting game and more plentiful season for griff. Godspeed

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